Mi Smart Kettle Pro Review: Features and Reviews

Water heaters have an indispensable place in daily life and are now bringing convenience to many users with their new generation of features. One of these products, Mi Smart Kettle Pro, not only boils water, but also allows you to keep your drink at the desired temperature. In this content, we have scrutinized all the details about the features, dimensions, pros and cons of this kettle for you.

Mi Smart Kettle Pro Features

power 1800 watts
Capacity 1.5L
Heat setting 5 pieces
Weight 1.3 kg
Security lock There is
Colour White

Mi Smart Kettle Pro Kettle

By giving a different dimension to technological household appliances with its minimalist style, Xiaomi knows how to support this with Mi Smart Kettle Pro. This product, which receives the full attention of its users thanks to its different modes and functional features, manages to easily adapt to any kitchen decoration with its simple appearance.

Here are all the details about the Mi Smart Kettle Pro kettle:

Mi Smart Kettle Pro Technical Specifications

  • 1800 watts of power
  • 1.5 liter water capacity
  • 5 different temperature modes
  • 1.3 kg weight
  • SCR sound insulation function
  • Intelligent water temperature control function
  • Remote control possible
  • Stainless steel inner material

Mi Smart Kettle Pro Capacity

Capacity 1.5L
Temperature display There is
Water indicator No

Mi Smart Kettle Pro offers ideal use for both large and small families thanks to its 1.5 liter capacity. Thanks to this function, it is possible to make several cups of tea or coffee at once and prepare food for your baby. In addition, with its temperature indicator and setting, it offers an ideal use for special needs such as baby food or milk powder.

Mi Smart Kettle Pro design

Mi Smart Kettle Pro

Mi Smart Kettle Pro has a modern and stylish design thanks to its minimalist appearance. Thanks to the improved HD digital display it is possible to monitor the real-time water temperature. In addition, adjustable temperature modes make use easy and enjoyable. Moreover, it works silently thanks to the SCR sound insulation system in the kettle. So you can prepare the drink you want before going to sleep without disturbing your family members. At the same time, supporting the power cable with a storage place to prevent visual pollution supports the stylish appearance of the product.

Mi Smart Kettle Pro Performance

Mi Smart Kettle Pro reaches the boiling point in just 5 minutes with its power of 1800 watts. In addition, thanks to the keep warm button, it is possible to keep your drink at the desired temperature in five different temperature settings. With a temperature of 40°C for probiotics, 50°C for milk powders, 70°C for infant and toddler food, 80°C for tea and 90°C for coffee, the product offers a versatile point of use by meeting all your needs . need. These features also allow you to brew and cook with one click.

Mi Smart Kettle Pro format

Height 204mm
Width 235mm
Depth 145mm
Weight 1.3 kg

With a height of 204 mm, a depth of 145 mm and a width of 235 mm, Mi Smart Kettle Pro has dimensions that don’t take up any space in your kitchen. With a weight of 1.3 kg, the product, which has been given a portable shape, is also very easy to store.

Mi Smart Kettle Pro Benefits

Mi Smart Kettle Pro has many advantages that make it easy to use. These include features such as adjustable temperature modes, temperature display and keep warm button. At the same time, these functions allow users to keep their drinks at the desired temperature. In addition, its silent operation and fast cooking function have been tried and appreciated by many users.

Mi Smart Kettle Pro

Mi Smart Kettle Pro Cons

With a capacity of 1.5 liters, the Mi Smart Kettle Pro may not be enough for very large families or a large group of friends. In addition, due to its high-tech features, its price may be higher than other water heaters, which may be considered a disadvantage for some users.

Mi Smart Kettle Pro User Reviews

Mi Smart Kettle Pro

Here are the positive and negative comments of those who use Mi Smart Kettle Pro:

💬 I use a lot of products from this brand and again it is not misleading, you can buy a very nice product with confidence.

💬 It’s great fun to watch the temperature rise on the digital display as the water boils. Keeping the water at the temperature you set is a great feature for a coffee lover like me.

💬 The product is very stylish, the cooking speed is sufficient, and with its double-walled structure, it does not heat the outside and keeps the water warm inside for a long time. You operate it remotely with the Mi Home app.

💬 Kettle is very good and very good in price, but also very high quality. Xiaomi is really good at home appliances. It has two buttons, one for boiling and the other for keeping the water warm. I am satisfied, I recommend.

💬 It has been almost a year since I bought the product. It gets the consistency of formula for my baby. I set it before I go to bed at night. It stays at 40 degrees all night so I am very satisfied.

💬 The product is very successful. I really didn’t expect it to turn out this well. It controls the temperature digitally. Thanks to the keep-warm function, you can keep it warm to the desired degree without having to put it on. There is also an indicator that shows the temperature of the water, which is very useful.

💬 The product is already Xiaomi’s original product, there is not much to say about it, but it is a great advantage to be able to see the water temperature from a distance and adjust the time to keep the water warm.

💬 Very stylish and convenient. It is very useful for us to see the degree on it. We haven’t used Bluetooth and I don’t know if we will. A product that will make the difference for the classic brands.

💬 Given that it is visually stylish, but there is no start-stop function via the application and the lack of the ability to enter the exact desired temperature and stop there, if you do not have a baby and do not plan to you prepare food for him, i think it is not necessary.

💬 The logic is very good, but it contains incredible lime and because of its degree it is not possible to get it clean with vinegar when I cook it.

Scoring and rating

Mi Smart Kettle Pro, which saves time getting ready, especially in the morning, saves you time by starting cooking in just 5 minutes. This fast heat-up function also helps you save energy. In addition, the 1.5 liter capacity of Mi Smart Kettle Pro is ideal enough to have enough for many people when making tea or coffee or cooking. Our score for Mi Smart Kettle Pro, which manages to satisfy its users with all these features, is 9 out of 10.

In this part of our content, we will answer frequently asked questions about the Mi Smart Kettle Pro kettle.

How to connect mi kettle bluetooth?

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection of Mi Smart Kettle Pro, you can control and adjust your kettle from your smartphone. Before establishing a Bluetooth connection, you must first download and install the Mi Home app. After these procedures you can connect your kettle to your phone.

What is the capacity of Mi Smart Kettle Pro?

Mi Smart Kettle Pro has a water heating capacity of 1.5 liters. In this way, it prepares the required hot water for you and your family as quickly as possible.

What are the features of Mi Smart Kettle Pro?

Mi Smart Kettle Pro is powered by customizable temperature options that allow users to customize the temperature modes. In addition, thanks to the Bluetooth connection, it can be operated from your smartphone and you can easily monitor the temperature of the water at any time. SCR sound insulation also ensures silent operation of the product. The keep warm button allows you to handle all your brewing and cooking needs with a single button.

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