Migraine vaccine is effective against attack frequency and pain intensity.

Neurologist Dr. Ümit Eren provided important information about migraine, a debilitating neurological disease manifested by severe headache attacks, and the migraine vaccine, which has been used to treat it in recent years. dr. The most common symptoms of migraine are “throbbing headache, nausea, sensitivity to light, sound and smell, difficulty finding words, drowsiness, appetite changes, which are usually unilateral, often in the temples, sometimes behind the eyes and sometimes on the forehead. , and sometimes on the back of the head and headaches that increase with movement”.

Dr. Dr. Eren said: “In migraine with aura, visual symptoms such as bright flashes of light, blurred vision, half vision, neurological symptoms such as dizziness, speech disturbances, unilateral numbness and weakness can be seen 5 to 60 minutes before the onset of pain. These symptoms can sometimes be observed along with a headache. Factors that trigger migraines are often stress, hormonal changes (menses), eating disorders, sleep disorders (oversleeping or sleeping less), medications (birth control pills, hormone drugs used in menopause), seasonal changes, computer games, strong odors such as perfumes, excessive He stated that coffee, caffeine and some foods are included.

“There are two different treatment methods”

Dr. Dr. Eren explained the treatment methods and explained that two different treatments were used. Noting that the first treatment is acute attack treatment, Dr. Eren: “This treatment consists of analgesic treatment aimed at ending the attack as quickly as possible. Frequent use of painkillers should be avoided, painkillers should be taken on time and in the required dose. Unnecessary use of painkillers can cause daily headaches in the long run. Attack treatment is started for people who have 3 or fewer migraine attacks per month. The second form of treatment is preventive treatment, that is, regular treatment aimed at preventing migraine pain; It is used in patients who have 4 or more pains per month. With this treatment, the goal is to reduce the number and severity of the pain. The daily intake of medication for the patient is started, which increases the quality of life and prevents the patient from taking unnecessary and excessive painkillers. In this case, medication is used continuously for at least 6 months. This treatment is arranged by the neurologist together with the patient, depending on the drugs he takes in addition to the triggers of migraine, the chronic diseases he has and the patient’s adherence to therapy.

“The first drug produced directly for the treatment of migraine: Migraine needles”

Noting that some migraine sufferers do not respond to or cannot tolerate these preventive treatments, Dr. In recent years, Eren also talked about the method known as the “migraine vaccine”, which is actually a drug treatment, not a vaccine. Dr. Eren said the migraine vaccine prevents the onset of pain and prevents potential attacks.

Emphasizing that to this day all drugs used in the preventive treatment of migraine are drugs produced to treat other chronic diseases and have been shown to be beneficial for migraine. Eren stated that these injections are the first migraine drugs to directly affect the mechanisms of the disease. Dr. Dr. Eren said: “For this reason, it is mainly applied in patients who do not respond to preventive treatments but cannot tolerate these drugs and who have more than 4 seizures per month, which are considered appropriate by the neurology specialist. Pain at the injection site, itching and constipation are the most commonly reported side effects, otherwise no serious side effects have been reported. It is applied once a month (loading dose for the first month), for at least 3 months, the duration can be extended to 6 months or 1 year according to your doctor’s advice. One of its advantages over other preventive treatments is that it shows its effect from the day it is applied.

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