Minister of Culture and Tourism Ersoy: We managed to be the third country that receives the most tourists

Mehmet Nuri Ersoy underlined that Turkey has gained a leading position in the world in archaeological excavations, saying that more than 700 archaeological excavations, search and rescue works have been carried out by 2022, and the work on the Side Antique City and Taştepeler project continues.


Emphasizing the importance of sustainability in tourism, Ersoy said: “We started a three-year partnership process in early 2022 with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, one of the world’s leading certifying bodies. As a result of this partnership, we have prepared the Sustainable Tourism Program of Turkey in accordance with international standards and at the international level. We became the first government in the world to conduct such a comprehensive study by developing a national program. Under the program, we expect that all our accommodation facilities will meet the sustainability criteria of the third phase by 2030. As of April 10, 708 facilities have reached a Stage 1 certificate and 159 facilities have a 3rd phase, and certificates have reached 867.

Noting that they have implemented free public beaches, which have been in operation since 2019, Ersoy continued as follows:

“Currently, we have 10 free public beaches with a total capacity of 16,750 sunbeds in Antalya, Muğla and İzmir. The construction works are about to be completed. In addition, we continue to work on projects for 4 facilities in 4 provinces. Our free public Beaches Beaches, which are designed according to the characteristics of the location where they are located, also host international competitions.As a Ministry, we continue to work tirelessly to contribute to the “Century of Turkey” in the fields of culture, art and tourism and of making our country a global brand in tourism. As we continue on this path, we share our projects, plans and goals with a large audience through a very valuable organization like EMITT. I see sharing as an important opportunity. I believe that our stakeholders will be with us with their intellectual and factual support and experience with us the happiness of achievements and goals achieved.”


Deputy Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu stated that the TRNC is an inseparable part of Turkey and said: “We are talking about our brother who is from a sister country. Because I come to my own house. This was the case in the past, so it is today. “It will be the same tomorrow,” he said.

Ataoğlu emphasized that most of the tourism market in the TRNC is made up of those who come from Turkey and drew attention to the importance of the fair for both Turkey and the TRNC.

Noting that Cyprus Airlines has been established, Ataoğlu stated that the flights starting on Sunday may be reflected in the ticket prices, emphasizing that they aim to enable the citizens of Anatolia to get to the TRNC with fast, convenient and cheap rates and to strengthen the brotherhood between the two countries.


Bilal Ekşi, general manager of Turkish Airlines (THY), who was the guest at the opening, stated that THY was preparing to celebrate the 90th anniversary of its journey, which started with 5 aircraft in 1933, and said: “We are flying to 343 destinations in 129 countries. We proudly fly our flag around the world. Although we have aircraft, last month we celebrated the addition of 400 aircraft to our fleet,” he said.

Pointing out that THY ranks 9th in the world in number of fleets, Ekşi said, “THY has taken its place in world aviation by ranking 3rd in the list of seats and mileage offered and in the Ranked 2nd in the ranking of the most famous global We announced our strategic 10-year plan on Thursday. We will reveal new excitement. We have hosted 71.8 million guests in 2022. We plan to carry 88 million passengers this year and adding 6 new routes to our flight network,” he said.

EMITT Fair Director Hacer Aydın underlined that 34,000 visitors from 110 countries came to the fair last year.

Aydın stated that a trading volume of 400 million lira was achieved through the exchange last year, and stated that they are aiming to increase the figure to 500 million this year, and about 300 tour operators from 56 countries participated in the exchange.

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu, President of the Turkish Association of Tourism Investors Oya Narin and President of the Turkish Hoteliers Federation Sururi Çorabatır gave speeches at the opening.

National pavilions, holiday destinations, summer and winter tourism and outdoor tourism destinations, hotels and tourist centers, tour operators and agencies participate in EMITT.

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