Ministry of Health recruitment results survey 2023! How to request the results of the Ministry of Health recruitment?

The Ministry of Health’s announcement about the employment of 10,900 permanent workers for the provincial organization was published in the Official Gazette. In accordance with the announcement, the candidates submitted their applications between 22 and 27 March 2023 through the address ‘’ of the Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR). While the results of 30 thousand 600 workers out of 42 thousand 500 workers in the Ministry of Health were recruited, it was time to draw lots of 10 thousand 900 people. The rights holders were determined with the lottery that was held live on Youtube between April 25 and 26.


The draw date for the recruitment of 10,900 workers by the Ministry of Health is April 25-26, 2023 performed on. Morning rules for a notary public in Ankara Filming started at 09:00 and ended at 18:00. it is over. The result of the draw was announced after 10 p.m. the same day at the internet address You can access the draw results from the information screen below.


How To Get 2023 Ministry Of Health Recruitment Draw Results How To Get 2023 Ministry Of Health Employee Recruitment ResultsAs a result of the notarial lottery, the documents based on the nomination of those entitled to be appointed as prime candidates for the positions announced will be checked. Candidates who do not have the required qualifications for appointment and those who have made false, misleading or false statements and placed in their preference will not be appointed. Even if their assignments are made, the assignment procedures are canceled. Candidates who do not submit the required documents in a timely manner, although they meet the qualifications and conditions of the position they are being placed in, will not be appointed.

Candidates who have not submitted the required documents within the deadline/have not applied, among those originally placed as a result of the notarized draw; Those who apply by the deadline but do not meet the application requirements; Those who are appointed and have not commenced or resigned their duties within the prescribed period (except those who are unable to commence their duties due to birth, illness, military service, etc.); those who do not go to work after it appears that they do not meet the conditions of employment; those who entered service but later did not meet the conditions of appointment; Pursuant to Article 15 of the Company Collective Agreement, appointments can be made of those whose contract is terminated within a probationary period of one month and of those whose contract is terminated during the probationary period, starting with the person in the front row of the reserve list, which meet the conditions.

How To Get 2023 Ministry Of Health Recruitment Draw Results How To Get 2023 Ministry Of Health Employee Recruitment ResultsEXPLANATION OF THE PLOTS AT THE MINISTER OF HEALTH FAHRETTIN KOCA

In his statement titled “42 thousand 500 new colleagues for Turkey’s health”, Koca stated that 6 thousand 69 nurses, 1530 midwives, 1494 health license holders, 798 health technicians, 21 thousand 709 health technicians will be recruited at KPSS, and used the following expressions:

“In addition to the contracted health personnel, the total number of which is 31,600, 10,900 permanent workers will also be recruited, bringing the number of new employment to 42,500. For 10 provinces in the earthquake zone, 3,358 nurses, 1,027 midwives, 400 health workers 9,59 contracted health personnel, including permit holders, 507 health technicians and 3,000 767 health technicians, and 2,000 832 permanent employees, 11,891 staff in total will be employed in the presence of a notary.

Ministry of Health permanent recruitment, staff distribution and quotas!

Ministry of Health permanent recruitment, staff distribution and quotas!

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