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First of all, how difficult is diet and weight management in the summer months, because even though we feel that our appetite has decreased due to the heat or we are not consuming fatty and heavy foods, there are other facts on the other side of the coin. We know very well that obesity is not only related to what we eat, but also to what we drink. Sugary and fizzy drinks, the consumption of which has increased significantly during this summer period, is one of the biggest causes of weight gain, although they seem as if we were drunk and consumed immediately, even if they are not too much, the calories I mentioned come from simple sugar, which is the easiest to convert to fat in our body, comes from the energy source. Recently, high fructose corn syrup, a mutated form of this sugar, has been overused in beverages, which is even worse. Recently, this mistake has been reversed, but this time the perception is created that most sugary drinks are made from sugar obtained from natural sugar beets, the so-called healthy ones, so whichever way you look at it, it is full of contradictions and problems. Now when I was talking about peaches why have I been talking about sugary drinks for a long time the answer is very simple because peach is a wonderful fruit that can fulfill everything you expect from all fizzy sugary cold drinks with natural healthy and low calories. It is a super option against all unhealthy drinks, thanks to its aroma, rich, juicy and honeyed taste and fiber that can keep us full for a long time.


* Helps regulate gallbladder and liver movements. * It has a diuretic effect. * It is protective against cancer. (thanks to its abundant fiber content) *Helps relieve insomnia with its calming effect. (magnesium content) *Heart friendly. (potassium content) *Cleanses the blood. * Brings freshness and moisture to the skin (vitamin A content)


; *You can have a delicious, savory snack with yogurt and peach, or breakfast with walnuts *You can make delicious iced tea with bergamot tea and peach (also delicious with green tea) *You can make delicious smoothies with peach ice cream and milk and detox with fresh mint leaves you add you can increase the effect from good to good. The energy you get from a medium sized peach is 50 calories, with all these benefits and flavor, as well as so much healthy content against the unhealthy options, I think the peach really is the most important summer fruit. I advise you all to consume the seasonal and local products abundantly. (of course all my advice is for healthy people)

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