Miraculous food recommended by Ibn Sinan

As age progresses, the deformation of the cells in the skin increases, which negatively affects the brightness and vitality of the skin. To avoid this situation, Ibn-i Sina recommends consuming fava beans regularly from childhood.

Broad bean almond is a complementary supplement that helps with skin regeneration thanks to the vitamin E it contains. In particular, almond oil helps to remove acne and blemishes on the skin surface in a short time.

celery seed
While urinary problems, which are especially common in women, cause inflammation, men also invite dangerous diseases such as prostate. Many situations affect this situation. However, Ibn-i Sina says that celery seed has positive effects on bladder work and urine bags. Research into this has shown in recent years that celery seed cleanses the urinary tract.

Thanks to the salicylic acids it contains, it strengthens the structure of the veins. In particular, apple, which renews the muscle structure of the heart, prevents the onset of cardiovascular diseases.

He emphasizes that a handful of black raisins a day is beneficial for bone and muscle pain in the body for several reasons. Especially in recent years, it is one of the foods recommended by experts for pain in the body due to diseases such as the coronavirus.

It is recommended that people who have had partial or facial paralysis consume pine nuts, one of the rare foods rich in vitamin K. Pine nuts, which also contain vitamin C, help repair cell deterioration caused by stroke.


Boiled cauliflower, with regular consumption, helps the liver, which becomes lazy in autumn and winter. So it does not cause accumulation of toxins in the body.

Ibn-i Sina says that pumpkin juice is the most powerful food that balances the blood with high blood pressure, which is one of the most common diseases today.

By increasing the rate of collagen in the body, it keeps cells younger. He also recommends head water to those who want to gain weight proportionally.


It increases the blood speed in the body by increasing the number of blood-forming cells. It is also a triple ignition cleaner. Ibn-i Sina recommends eating honey with honeycombs.

dead nettle
When the mucus in the throat and lungs decreases, the person has difficulty breathing. This leads to a decrease in the moisture content of the mucous membrane, usually caused by viruses.

As you breathe, chest tightness and coughing attacks occur. Ibn Sina says that nettle is the best way to avoid this. Cooking and consuming nettle, which causes severe skin itching when touched, increases the moisture content of the mucous membranes in the throat and lungs. In addition, thanks to the substance it contains and has a burning effect on the skin, it prevents all viruses in the body from attaching to cells or organs.


He recommends cilantro to people with health problems such as panic attacks, palpitations, and depression. Coriander renews the nervous system and strengthens the cells.

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