Mosso Raceline Review | Rim, tire, brake, gear and frame

Mosso Raceline captures the attention of cycling enthusiasts with its unique features and performance. Whether you’re a professional mountain biker or an amateur looking for thrilling off-road rides, Mosso Raceline may be the option for you.

Mosso Raceline offers a strong and light structure with its 6061 aluminum frame structure. In this way it offers both durability and maneuverability while driving. With its stylish red-black color combination, it also looks dazzling.

Mosso Raceline Features

Gear 24
type brake Hydraulic disc brake
Edge 29 inches

Mosso raceline mountain bike

The performance of this bike will also amaze you. The Shimano Altus shifting system ensures precise and smooth gear changes, while hydraulic brakes provide reliable control to ensure sharp stops. Mosso Raceline is designed to give you a safe and efficient driving experience, even on rough terrain.

29-inch wheels and Mitas Ocelot tires provide superior grip and stability, even on difficult surfaces. It encourages you by providing a safe driving experience especially in off-road adventures.

The Mosso Raceline also features details such as an ergonomic seat and easy-to-use control levers. They are designed to increase your comfort and provide a more enjoyable experience on long journeys.

If you want to plunge into the world of speed and adrenaline, Mosso Raceline might be for you. It offers an experience that will enhance your off-road performance and take you away from the everyday.

Here are all the details on Mosso Raceline Mountain Bike;

Features of Mosso Raceline Mountain Bike

The heart of this bike is the 6061 aluminum frame. The light and durable structure allows for both fast driving and reliability in tough conditions. It appeals to a wide range of users with its XL frame size, offering an option that everyone can use comfortably.

Mosso Raceline 29 has a lightweight of 15.50 kg. This function allows you to accelerate and maneuver quickly. At the same time, with its 668 M/LO (locked) fork, it offers a stable and controllable riding experience, even in rough terrain conditions.

Tires come in size Mitas Ocelot 29X2.10. These tires offer both high performance when driving fast and good handling on uneven surfaces. It gives you confidence in all terrain conditions and enhances your driving experience.

Mosso Raceline mountain bike gear and brake

Equipped with Shimano Altus shifting system, Mosso Raceline 29 is equipped with Shimano Altus ST-ET505-8X3 shift levers, Shimano Altus RD-M310 rear derailleur and Shimano Altus FD-M310 front derailleur. This way you can shift gears quickly and smoothly and you have the opportunity to drive at different levels of difficulty.

Mosso Raceline 29 will never let you down when it comes to the braking system. Shimano BL-MT200 hydraulic disc brakes provide sharp and reliable braking performance. It ensures safe braking power even in difficult conditions and increases your driving safety.

Mosso Raceline installation

Mosso Raceline is a performance mountain bike and offers its users an exciting riding experience. In this article you will find extensive information about the assembly of the Mosso Raceline bicycle.

Frame and wheels The Mosso Raceline frame is made of 6061 aluminum, which offers both lightness and durability. You have chosen a frame size of 20″ (51 cm) (XL), which is ideal for riders with a larger body or longer leg lengths. Newsrims J19SSZ wheels are mounted on the frame. These wheels are designed to provide reliability and durability.

Gear system Mosso Raceline is equipped with Shimano Altus components. With Shimano Altus ST-ET505-8X3 shifters you can shift precisely. Shimano Altus RD-M310 is used as the rear derailleur and Shimano Altus FD-M310 is used as the front derailleur. These components provide smooth and reliable shifting performance.

Braking system Mosso Raceline is equipped with Shimano BL-MT200 hydraulic brakes for safe and effective braking. These brakes make it easier for you to control your speed and ensure your safety in an emergency.

Tires and suspension Mitas Ocelot 29X2.10 tires provide excellent grip and ground-following performance. The front has 668 M/LO (Lock) forks, a feature you can use to optimize your riding experience.

Other components Mosso Raceline’s other components include an ergonomic saddle, Shimano CS-HG200-8-12/32T rub, Shimano FC-TY301-42/34/24TX170L crankset, Shimano Hb-TX505 FH-TX505 front and rear wheel hubs , aluminum handlebar , Kmc-Z72 chain and HF893 aluminum pedal.

Mosso Raceline wheel

Mosso racing line

Mosso Raceline’s wheels are from the Newsrims J19SSZ model. These wheels have a durable and solid construction and are specially designed to provide superior performance in off-road conditions.

Newsrims J19SSZ wheels come with Mitas Ocelot tires with a diameter of 29 inches and a width of 2.10. These tires offer excellent grip and ground-following performance. The 29 inch diameter provides better speed and a smooth riding experience, while the 2.10 width ensures stability and control even in different terrain conditions.

The wheels are made of high quality materials for strength and durability. In this way you can achieve reliable performance with Mosso Raceline, even in difficult terrain conditions. At the same time, their lightness helps reduce the overall weight of the bike and improves riding performance.

Newsrims J19SSZ rims come in a red and black color to match the style of the Mosso Raceline bike. This color combination gives the bike a dynamic and striking look.

Mosso Raceline wheels provide high performance and safety while taking you to off-road adventures with their strong and durable structure. These wheels take your riding experience to the next level, giving you a feeling of power and control every time you pedal.

Mosso Raceline Features

Frame material Aluminium
Weight 15kg
Squad length 18 inches – 46 cm
Front Shock Absorber Locked shock absorber

Mosso Raceline squad

The Mosso Raceline is a powerful model that offers an exciting mountain bike experience. The heart of the bike beats with a special frame made of 6061 aluminum. The Mosso Raceline frame has important features such as lightness, durability and driving precision.

6061 aluminum is an often preferred material in bicycle frames. This material attracts attention with its high strength and light structure. By using the Mosso Raceline frame, the overall weight of the bike is reduced while providing stiffness at the same time. This provides a faster and smoother driving experience.

Mosso Raceline’s frame size is specified as 20″ (51cm) and is referred to as an “XL” size. This frame size is suitable for riders with larger sizes and longer leg sizes. The XL frame size offers riders a wider range of uses and offers a more comfortable driving position.

The Mosso Raceline line-up is available in red-black coloring. This color combination gives the bicycle a special and dynamic appearance. The red-black colors emphasize the strong and fast character of the engine.

The Mosso Raceline frame is designed for wide tires and suspension systems. This helps the bike to ride stably and comfortably, even in difficult terrain conditions. It is also suitable for the integration of other components on the frame.

The Mosso Raceline range offers drivers reliability, performance and an aesthetic experience. Combined with the lightness and durability of 6061 aluminum, this frame unlocks the bike’s full potential. With the Mosso Raceline bike you can enjoy exciting off-road rides.

Mosso racing line

Can I buy Mosso Raceline?

Mosso Raceline is a mountain bike that stands out for its features and performance. However, it is important to consider a number of factors before purchasing a bicycle.

The Mosso Raceline is a high performance bicycle. The 6061 aluminum frame combines lightness and durability, while components such as the Shimano Altus gear system and hydraulic brakes ensure a safe and efficient riding experience. If you are looking for a fast and dynamic ride, Mosso Raceline can provide you with a satisfying experience in this regard.

Mosso Raceline is designed for off-road riding. 29-inch wheels and Mitas Ocelot tires provide traction and control on a variety of surfaces. In addition, the suitability of the frame with suspension systems ensures a comfortable ride on rough terrain. If you are interested in off-roading, Mosso Raceline may be a suitable option for you.

The Mosso Raceline is available in a 20″ (51cm) frame size and an “XL” size. It is suitable for riders with larger sizes and longer leg lengths. However, it is best to take a test ride to determine if the bike is suitable Finding a bike that can be adjusted in some way is important for a comfortable and efficient riding experience.

The Mosso Raceline is a mid-range bike and a competitive option in terms of price-performance ratio. However, it may not suit every budget. It’s important to review your budget and evaluate alternative options before making a purchasing decision. By comparing the price range, you can choose the best option for you.

Mosso Raceline user reviews

Mosso racing line

👤 The product is very beautiful. I bought it for my brother, he liked it very much. The color is even more beautiful than in the picture, you can get it with peace of mind. M**** H****

👤 The product arrived very well packaged, we bought it as a report card gift for the children, only the problem did not deliver the cargo to the door, it left it at the entrance of the building. E***F****

👤 Thank you, the bike is more beautiful than I thought, I ordered green, the blue one came, but I am glad it is blue, it is much more beautiful S*** C****

👤 I bought a gift for my nephew🥰 he liked it very much, he thought about it 😂 thank you very much, we are very satisfied, the installation is quite easy. N** A****

👤 It is a very good product, I think I recommend you to buy it, I love it. E *** D ****

👤 I broke a star because there is no installation diagram, nice bike, I just had a little trouble with the installation. E**** E***

👤 You don’t buy a bike like this for this price, it’s a very good bike, I recommend it to everyone. S**** N****

What type of driving is Mosso Raceline suitable for?

Mosso Raceline is specially designed for off-road driving. It has been developed to provide stability and control on rough terrain. It is also an ideal option for fast and dynamic driving.

What is the Mosso Raceline frame material?

The Mosso Raceline frame is machined from 6061 aluminum. This material provides lightness and durability. It also provides stiffness and riding precision while reducing the overall weight of the bike.

What gear system and brakes does it have?

The Mosso Raceline is equipped with the Shimano Altus gear system. The shift lever uses the Shimano Altus ST-ET505-8X3, while the rear and front derailleurs are Shimano Altus RD-M310 and Shimano Altus FD-M310. As a braking system, Shimano BL-MT200 hydraulic brakes are preferred.

How are the Mosso Raceline tires?

Mosso Raceline is equipped with Mitas Ocelot brand 29×2.10 tires. These tires are specially designed to provide good grip and control on different surfaces.

What are the frame sizes and what sizes are they suitable for?

The frame size of the Mosso Raceline is 20″ (51 cm) and is referred to as an “XL” size. This size is suitable for riders with larger sizes and longer legs. However, you should take a test ride to determine if the bike is suitable is important to you.

What is the weight of Mosso Raceline?

The weight of the Mosso Raceline is 15.50 kg. This is an average weight for a mountain bike and does not affect riding performance.

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