most common summer disease

Provide information on the main causes and treatment of fungal diseases, specialist dermatology and venereal diseases Uzm. Dr. Ali Yaşar stated that the fungal infection increased with the arrival of the summer months. Dr Ali Yaşar said: “Fungal infections are more common in the summer months due to sweating on the skin when the weather gets warmer. We see more fungal complaints, especially at the feet. Athlete’s foot causes complaints such as itching, redness, peeling of the skin and swelling of the feet. Since fungal infections are contagious, special attention should be paid to common areas.

It is necessary to stay away from common areas as much as possible against the risk of fungal infection. Do not wear slippers and shoes belonging to others. Although athlete’s foot is very common, sometimes we can see it on the hands, face, scalp and nails. Nail fungus is the most difficult to treat. Treatment is long and requires the use of various oral medications. Scalp fungus is more common in children. It is not very common in the post-pubescent period. It is usually transmitted by animals and is seen in children who have contact with animals.

“We see mold very often in the summer”

Explanation of the difference between the blotch fungus and other types of mushrooms, Uzm. Dr. Ali Yaşar said, “Besides this kind of fungi, we also have a kind of spot fungus, which we call skin spot fungus, in the form of brown, pink and white spots. This type of fungus is not contagious compared to others. Because this fungus arises as a result of the reproduction of some kind of fungus in our body. Spot mold is very common in the summer and is easy to treat. ” he said.

“One of the biggest mistakes in the treatment of fungi is stopping the treatment in a short time”

Dr. Yaşar said: “To be protected from mold, it is necessary to wash and dry well, especially between the toes of the feet, not to wear tight shoes and to wear cotton socks. If, despite all these precautions, we have a fungus, it is necessary to go to the doctor and get the necessary treatments. One of the biggest mistakes in mushroom treatment is to stop the treatment in a short time and think it will cure, but fungus is a small insidious disease. It seems to be cured, but after a while it starts again because it doesn’t go away completely. As with many diseases, it is very important to consult a specialist in fungal diseases and not to interrupt treatment.

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