Mushroom poisoning leads to death

Noting that the first 4-6 hours are very important in mushroom poisoning, Dr Mahir Arslan said: “Certain mushroom groups have high allergy and high poisoning properties. We even call them ‘as effective as snake poisoning’. These types of mushrooms have a toxic effect in the body affecting the nervous system, liver and kidneys. “It can lead to organ failure.”

With the onset of rain, some types of mushrooms that spontaneously grow in nature can cause poisoning and even death. In the emergency department of a private hospital, Dr. Mahir Arslan drew attention to the need to be mindful when consuming mushrooms.

Arslan said: “Let’s not eat mushrooms that we don’t know about. We also often encounter mushroom poisoning in emergencies. The first 4-6 hours are very important. Some mushroom poisonings may not cause any symptoms, but after the 4th and 6th hours, complaints occur as fainting,drowsiness,drowsiness,nausea and vomiting.Certain groups of mushrooms have high allergy and high poisoning properties.We even call them “as effective as snake poisoning”.This kind of mushroom has a toxic effect in the body affecting the nervous system, liver and affects the kidneys.” It can kill them, and the consequences are very serious.

Poisonous mushrooms alter liver enzymes, destroy the liver and then the kidneys and cause death within a week and 10 days.

Arslan said that poisonous mushroom species can transfer their poison to other regions with the wind: “Because they have the ability to fertilize, they can transfer the poisonous mushroom poison from one region to another with volatiles, air, wind. There are mushrooms that we know and these are mushrooms that are said to be tasty. Someone comes from a region. He collects mushrooms and tells everyone. The first one who collects it is not poisoned, but then the one who collects it can be poisoned. Because mushrooms also have poisoning criteria. Each mushroom poisons differently. If you eat some mushrooms in a bucket, you will not be poisoned, but there are mushrooms, if you eat just one, they will poison you and kill you.” said.

Mahir Arslan gave information about the symptoms of mushroom poisoning and used the following statements:

“The most important precaution is that mushrooms should not be picked from nature. We have no information about which mushrooms are poisonous in nature. This is a subject that arises entirely from people’s prejudices. Suppose we picked the mushroom and ate it Symptoms start slowly within 2nd hour anyway Sleeping state, drowsiness, loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting etc. The body starts reacting to this but it is such a situation that it increases even more in 6th hour even shows no symptoms until 5 days symptoms. It gives symptoms little by little.” Also, if there is a slight drowsiness after eating or if there is a problem, an emergency facility or a health facility should be consulted. There may be symptoms with very serious consequences.”

Noting that mushroom poisoning, which can cause organ failure, should be taken into consideration, Dr. Mahir Arslan said: “The first 4-6 hours are very important in mushroom poisoning. If there is a state of drowsiness or any sign of sleep, people should definitely turn to a health facility. If not practiced, it can go as far as organ failure “The poison type of each mushroom is different. Some types of mushrooms destroy the liver. Some types of mushrooms destroy the nervous system like snake bites. Some fungi destroy the kidneys,” he added.

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