Musk announced: A content viewing limit has been set on Twitter

Elon Musk, who made many changes after purchasing Twitter, announced that this time users were limited to viewing content. Elon Musk made a statement after Twitter users received a limit warning for a while. So, which accounts does the Twitter limit cover and how much was the daily tweet read limit? Here’s the daily number of tweets users can view on Twitter, based on their account attributes.

Some users on Twitter today came across the warning “Sorry, you’ve reached the follow limit. Please wait, try again later”. While many users thought the problem was temporary, a statement came from the company’s CEO, Elon Musk.
Musk announced that a temporary content viewing limit has been imposed on users to identify manipulation on the platform.
Musk shared on his Twitter account that verified accounts can read 6,000 messages per day, unauthenticated accounts 600, and new unauthenticated accounts 300 messages per day.
In his later post, Musk stated that the said limits will soon be increased to 8 thousand, 800 and 400, respectively.
Musk explained the reason for this decision: “We’re all Twitter addicts and need to go out. I’m doing the world a favor here. Plus, you now have one more viewing.” explained in his words. Musk’s next message was, “Wake up from a deep trance, step away from the phone to see your friends and family.” it happened.
According to Musk’s statement, users on Twitter will be able to view a certain number of tweets based on the characteristics of their accounts.
After Musk bought Twitter, he made a lot of changes. The social media platform Twitter launched its paid verification service last year.
The Twitter usage limit exceeded error is when Twitter imposes a limit on what users do within a certain period of time. Due to this error, users cannot perform certain actions or tweet. When the usage limit is exceeded, the account may be unavailable for a certain period of time. This problem usually occurs due to heavy usage or spam activity. When the usage limit is exceeded, a certain amount of time must be waited before the account can be used normally.
The technical limits for Twitter accounts are: Direct messages (daily): There is a limit of 500 messages per day. Tweets: 2,400 per day. The daily update limit is split into lower half-hourly limits. Retweets also count as Tweets. Email account changes: 4 times per hour.
Follow (daily): The daily technical limit for unfollowing is 400. Please note that this is only a technical account limit and there are additional regulations to prevent aggressive stalking behavior.
Follow (per account): When the number of users followed by an account reaches the limit of 5000, new follow requests will be capped at an account-specific rate. These limits are web, mobile, phone, API, etc. Applies to transactions on all devices. API requests from all third-party apps are tracked against the hourly API limit. In this case, people using multiple third-party apps with their accounts will reach the API limit more quickly. These limits can be temporarily reduced during intensive use of the site. In such cases, an update will be posted to the Twitter status site.

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