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Constant manicures, treatments and the application of colored nail polishes are proof of how much care women take with their nails. These are the nails that show the beauty and grace of the hands. We can say that trendy nail rings have inspired women who love their nails. Here’s everything about nail rings.

What is the nail ring trend?

Hand and nail accessories have become very popular in the fashion world in recent years. Nail rings, stylish and elegant accessories worn on the tips of your nails are among the most preferred accessories by women, especially in recent times.

Nail rings are thin and small rings usually worn on the tips of individual fingers. Recently, however, larger and more flamboyant nail rings that completely or partially cover the nails have also become popular.

There are many different types designed to suit any style. They offer a wide range of options from simple and minimal designs to more flashy and extravagant designs. Nail rings can be made of many different materials, such as metal, stone, pearl and crystal.

In recent years, it has become an accessory often favored by celebrities and fashion icons. This trend has become broader, supported by shares on social media platforms such as Instagram. Today, stud rings have become a stylish and unique accessory that can be combined with many different clothing styles.

History of the nail ring

Nail Ring

Although stud rings are a very popular accessory today, their history actually goes back to ancient times. The history of stud rings dates back to the Indian, Egyptian and Greek civilizations.

In Indian culture, stud rings are called “hatphool” and the tradition of decorating the hands is very important. In this tradition, stud rings are worn on the four fingers of the hand and are also used with bracelets and necklaces. In Egypt, studded rings were among the accessories of the pharaohs and the rich, while in Greece, studded rings were used to complement suits.

Nail rings also became very popular in Europe during the Middle Ages. During this period, stud rings were usually made of gold and decorated with precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires. These studded rings were often among the accessories of rich and noble women.

Later on, stud rings lost their popularity and were forgotten for a while. But in the early 21st century, it resurfaced and became popular again in the fashion world. Today, stud rings have become a must-have accessory for women, with many different design options made from different materials.

How to combine nail rings?

Nail Ring

Nail rings are a great accessory that you can use to get a stylish and trendy look. However, they can easily make a glaring mistake if not used in the right combinations. Here are tips for the right nail ring combinations:

1. Opt for a minimal approach

Nail rings are often a glamorous accessory, so be careful not to overdo it. By taking a minimal approach, you can achieve a classy look by using a single stud ring or up to two stud rings.

2. Use on the right fingers

Nail rings are one of the most suitable accessories for fingernails. However, there are many different opinions on which finger to use stud rings on. In general, the middle and ring fingers are the most popular nail ring choices.

3. Make sure it is compatible with your other jewelry

Nail rings should be used in harmony with your other jewelry. For example, you can use a gold stud ring with a gold chain. The style and theme of your jewelry should also be in harmony with each other.

4. Choose stud rings that match your clothing styles

Nail rings should be chosen in accordance with your clothing style. For example, with a vintage dress you can use an old-fashioned looking stud ring. However, a combination of a minimalistic denim ring and a more modern dress may be more appropriate.

5. Choose the right size nail ring for your fingers

Nail rings should be chosen in a size suitable for your fingers. Wearing a nail ring that is too big or wearing a ring that is too small usually does not make for a stylish look.

Models and types of nail rings

Nail Ring

  • minimalistic
  • boho
  • Geometric
  • vintage
  • Pile
  • LONG
  • animal shaped

Nail rings are produced in different styles and designs, so there is something for everyone. Minimalist, boho, geometric, vintage, stacked, long and animal shaped nail rings are among the popular models. Whichever style you choose, nail rings are a great way to complete any outfit and personalize your style.

Nail rings have become a popular accessory in recent years and are produced in many different styles and designs. Here are some popular models commonly used in stud rings:


Minimalist nail rings are a great option for a simple and stylish look. They usually have a single stone and a flat design.


Boho style nail rings are preferred for an ethnic and natural look. In these rings, elements such as natural stone and wolf dog teeth are generally used.


Geometric nail rings add a modern and stylish look. These rings are produced with different geometric shapes and designs.


Vintage style nail rings are preferred for an old fashioned look. These rings have designs that were popular in ancient times.


Stacked stud rings are ideal for using several rings at once for a stylish look. These rings are usually produced in minimalist or boho styles.


Long nail rings are preferred for a raised and more noticeable look on the top of the finger. These rings often have a minimalist or geometric design.

animal shaped

Animal shaped nail rings are ideal for a fun and cute look. Animal figures are often used in these rings.

Which nail rings are preferable?

Nail Ring

Nail rings have become quite popular lately and they are made of many different materials. When choosing nail rings, the durability, quality and appearance of the material are important. Here are some materials you can choose for stud rings:

Silver: Silver is one of the most common choices for nail rings. It is durable and long lasting and can be found in a variety of styles and designs.

Gold: Gold is also a popular option for nail rings. High quality gold stud rings can look very stylish, especially when paired with expensive dresses.

Diamond: Diamond nail rings are a great option for a luxurious and stylish look. However, diamond nail rings are usually quite expensive.

Metal alloys: Nail rings can also be made with metal alloys. These alloys are generally durable and come in a variety of styles and colors.

Natural stones: Nail rings can also be made with natural stone. Natural stones such as tourmaline, amethyst, quartz are ideal for adding color and character to nail rings.

Plastic and other synthetic materials: Plastic and other synthetic materials are often used for affordable nail rings. However, because these materials are often of lower quality, their durability and lifespan is limited.

When choosing stud rings, it is important to pay attention to the quality, appearance and durability of the desired material. Materials such as silver, gold, diamonds, metal alloys, natural stones are popular choices for nail rings. Plastic and other synthetic materials can be used for more affordable stud rings, but are often limited in quality and durability.

How to wear nail rings?

Nail rings are worn on the nail part of the fingers. Depending on the design of these rings, some can be worn on a single nail while others can be worn in stacks on multiple nails.

What materials are nail rings made of?

Nail rings can be made from different materials. In addition to metals such as gold, silver, bronze and copper, natural stones, pearls and other materials are also used.

How to clean nail rings?

Nail rings require careful care as they are delicate accessories. Usually, nail rings can be cleaned by wiping them with a slightly damp cloth. If there are stones on the nail ring, it can also be helpful to use a special jewelry cleaner so as not to damage them.

What fingers are nail rings used on?

Nail rings can be used on any finger. In general, however, the little finger, middle finger, and ring finger are preferred.

Are nail rings suitable for all ages?

Yes, nail rings can be suitable for all ages. They are popular with teens, adults and seniors and can be worn at any age.

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