Natural Stone Names: List of Gemstones and Benefits….

Names of natural stone

1- Marble

Today, marble is one of the most widely used natural stones, especially in the industrial field. The most preferred sectors are construction, decoration and sculpture, which are favored because they are easy to find and highly resistant to environmental and climatic conditions. Marble, a decorative stone because it is durable and does not change color in the sun, forms easily.

Balıkesir is the city where the most marble is mined in our country. For this reason, there is also a special type of marble known as “Balikesir marble”. Harmankaya, rhapsodi and crema nuova are among the most commonly quarried and used marble types.

2- Granite

As durable as marble, granite is both stain resistant and waterproof. Granite, which is widely used outdoors due to its hard structure, is used in furniture and accessories, swimming pool structures and elevators.


Although the onyx stone, which is mainly mined in Mexico, Chile and Italy from South American countries, is black in color, it shines like glass. Onyx, which is used in watches, window decorations and prayer beads, is a semi-precious stone and therefore cheaper than other natural stones.

4- Emerald

Although it is an expensive stone, emerald, which is widely used all over the world and especially in Europe, is green in color. Emerald has a shimmering appearance and is used in making luxury jewelry. It is believed that the emerald removes bad energies from the person, relieves digestive problems and enlightens the person spiritually.

Natural Stone Names: List of Gemstones and Benefits....Gemstone List and Benefits

1- Amethyst stone

Amethyst, which protects the person from negative thoughts and stress, is a natural calming stone. Another property of the amethyst stone, which should not be seen separately from people who live in metropolises and are under pressure both privately and professionally, is that it strengthens the immune system. Especially according to those interested in alternative medicine, amethyst ensures that all systems, especially the digestive and circulatory systems, work in a healthy way, as it is effective in speeding up the functioning of the metabolism.

2- Ruby

Ruby, one of the rarest and most expensive stones in the world, boosts self-confidence. It prevents social phobias and allows the individual to express themselves more comfortably and freely. Ruby, which is also good for anxiety, is generally used in earrings and rings.

3- Diamond

Mined mainly in South Africa, the diamond plays an important role in the mental and spiritual development of individuals. It avoids the focus problem. It is also said that the diamond, which is one of women’s indispensable things, and when combined with luxurious evening dresses and evening dresses, increases the sense of loyalty.


Amber, which is mainly mined in China, India and Iran, is generally used in the manufacture of rosaries and jewelry. Amber is good for diseases that threaten to become chronic, such as migraine and asthma. It helps stop the stubborn cough. It gives peace to the person and increases his motivation enormously.

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