Nature’s 5 most beneficial foods! Doesn’t give cancer a chance

While the measures taken to prevent cancer do not eliminate the risk of developing cancer, they can reduce the risk level to its lowest point. Doctor William Li explained that food choice is one of the most important aspects of preventing cancer, even shrinking developing tumors and treating cancer. Li explains that nuts are among the best cancer-fighting foods. Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and cashews in particular are among the most effective.

Li said nuts contain cancer-fighting polyphenols by boosting the immune system to fight cancer. It also states that it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which may help shrink the tumor by cutting off blood supply to cancer-causing tumors. Doctor Li talks about the benefits of tomato, which he describes as “the most delicious anti-cancer agent”. The high lycopene content in tomatoes has a major effect on cancer. Lycopene also protects against DNA damage, making it possible to protect against cancer. Dr. Li cited his research showing that men who ate two to three cups of cooked tomatoes twice a week were 30% less likely to develop prostate cancer. Another important cancer fighting nutrient is; It is listed as purple potatoes with a natural chemical called anthocyanin. Anthocyanin starves and kills cancer cells. Thus, it destroys cancer stem cells, which are very difficult to eradicate. Finally, Dr. Li says that oysters are also very healthy because they contain proteins, polysaccharides and amino acids. The contents of oysters produce powerful antioxidant effects by protecting DNA from free radical damage. In addition, oysters increase the protective antioxidant glutathione by 50%. As a healthy drink, Dr. Li recommends matcha tea. Cancer researchers in the UK have shown that matcha tea can fight breast cancer by cutting off the nutritional lines to cancer stem cells. But the fact that the study was done in a lab and not in people with breast cancer indicates that more studies are needed.

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