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Beyhan Yenerkol stated that the increase in technological possibilities and a sedentary lifestyle are causing many people to suffer from neck pain today, highlighting that the most common cause of neck pain is the flattening of the neck. Noting that 7 of the 33 vertebrae that make up the vertebral column are located in the neck region, Yenerkol stated that the vertebrae in the neck and lumbar region show an arrangement like the letter C, and in the back and coccyx region an arrangement like an inverted letter C. Noting that more or less of these folds cause various spinal disorders, Yenerkol said stretching the neck means that the letter C on the neck changes and takes on a straight shape.

What are the causes?

Underlining that the biggest cause of neck flattening is a posture disorder, Yenerkol said:

“Bad posture can be caused by working conditions, repetitive movements, looking at the computer or phone for a long time. Stress also plays a big role in flattening. Stress weakens muscles over time by causing contraction, especially in the neck muscles. The weakening of these muscles causes a flattening in the neck because they cannot grip the cervical vertebrae properly. Apart from this, calcifications that become visible with age and congenital disorders of the spine can also cause flattening.

How does it show?

According to dr. Yenerkol noted that this pain can spread to the back and shoulders. Yenerkol said that sometimes headaches can be accompanied by pain and said: “If the pain spreads to the arm and there are symptoms such as numbness and weakness, a cervical disc herniation should be investigated. Tinnitus and dizziness due to flattening are also symptoms that can be seen.

Treatment of neck flattening

exp. Dr. Beyhan Yenerkol provided the following information on the treatment of neck flattening:

“Extension of the neck is often a mechanical problem. First of all, it is important to restore the body’s natural posture. Especially sitting in the same wrong position and not moving for hours during the day causes this problem. This lifestyle should be changed and practiced in the correct posture. Pain should be relieved with physiotherapy applications and medical treatments. With the exercises to be done afterwards, an attempt is made to return the neck arch to its original state.”

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