Nespresso Atelier S85 User Reviews and Features

If you, as an espresso lover, are looking for a coffee machine with which you can make many types of coffee, you may not have met the Nespresso Atelier yet. Nespresso Atelier manages to leave its competitors behind with both its compact structure and functional design. In this content, we have explored the curious points such as user comments, features and usage of Nespresso Atelier.

Nespresso Atelier S85 Features

Weight 3.9 kg
power 1.5 watts
Capacity 1 L
Equipment Metal

Nespresso Atelier S85 Espresso machine

The Nespresso Atelier S85 is a modern machine that helps you combine your own style with your coffee. With this espresso machine, which stands out for its milk frothing function, you can make both hot and cold coffee. This machine, which has a low energy consumption, knows how to satisfy its users with its short warm-up time.

Here are all the details about the Nespresso Atelier S85 espresso machine;

Nespresso Atelier S85 Design

Nespresso Atelier S85 stands out for its large chamber capacity and cup holder. For practical use, it helps you brew delicious coffee as quickly as possible using the control panel in the upper part. However, thanks to its compact shape, it manages to give your kitchen a modern look.

Dimensions Nespresso Atelier

Length 11.9cm
Width 43.4cm
Depth 27.9cm
Weight 3.9 kg
Colour Black

Nespresso Atelier S85; It has been given a compact shape with dimensions of 27.9 cm long, 43.4 cm wide and 27.9 cm deep. This coffee machine comes in black and offers ergonomic use thanks to its weight of 3.9 kilograms.

Nespresso Atelier Room Capacity

Capacity 1 L
Used capsule capacity 13 Capsules
Busy 19 sizes
Removable drip tray There is
Removable water tank There is

Nespresso Atelier S85 offers practical coffee preparation thanks to its 1 liter capacity. This machine, which has a capacity of 13 used capsules, works with a pump pressure of 19 bar. The removable water tank pleases its users by providing both practical preparation and easy cleaning.

Using Nespresso Atelier S85

Nespresso Atelier S85 offers budget-friendly consumption with A+ energy consumption. This machine offers an energy-saving mode and keeps the cooking process short with a heat-up time of 35 seconds. In addition, it allows the preparation of both milk and regular coffee. It creates an adaptable use with its design that allows you to froth milk cold or hot. At the same time, the milk frother ensures ease of cleaning due to its dishwasher-safe shape.

Using Nespresso Atelier S85

Nespresso Atelier S85 Technical specifications

  • A+ low energy consumption
  • 1.5 watts of power
  • 19 bar pressure support
  • 1 liter water removable water tank
  • compact design
  • Cable length 90 cm
  • Removable cup function
  • Use with different types of coffee

Nespresso Atelier S85 coffee varieties

Espresso There is
Cappuccino There is
Latte macchiato There is
Flat White There is
mocha There is

Nespresso Atelier S85 is designed for preparing espressoi cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white, mocha coffees. This coffee machine, which stands out for its functional structure, easily adapts to hot and cold types.

Nespresso Atelier S85 Descaling function

The Nespresso Atelier S85 is designed with a descaling warning to help you remove limescale for the long term safety of the machine. If more scale builds up in the appliance than it should, the warning is activated and your machine can be used for a long time.

Nespresso Atelier S85 Descaling function

Nespresso Atelier S85 reviews

Nespresso Atelier S85 User Reviews

👤 *** ***: I loved everything from the box to the design of the machine. I tried mocha and latte with capsules, very tasty and visually successful.

👤 *** ***: It may be a matter of preference, but the fact that it prepares many varieties with one click was the reason for my choice. In addition, it is very practical for both the freshness of the milk and the cleaning of the machine that the milk is not put in the machine and is put in the glass when you are going to prepare it.

👤 *** ***: If I do not count the cost of the capsule, I can truly say that this is the best coffee machine. It also looks very stylish and cool on the counter. I did a lot of research, I’m glad I chose Atelier. I never liked cold coffee, I made frappe to try, I was shocked, it was legendary mix and taste. Lungo is very good, espresso tastes very good; Of course, this taste issue can vary depending on the brand of coffee you prefer. It is very clean, very practical to use. Perfect.

👤 *** ***: It’s more capable than it looks, and its quality size is very stylish, suitable for any kitchen, especially small spaces, so the coffee it makes can almost compete with the one in cafes, know that I because I’ve always been interested in Nespresso products. I use it intensively.

👤 *** ***: I thought about buying the product for a long time, now I have the chance, it is very stylish and high quality, I used it once, great coffee taste. The view is also really great. I advise.

👤 *** ***: A great product for those who don’t want to waste time making coffee, if you prefer milk instead of strong coffee, there is no better product, my only concern before buying was whether the milk would be at the desired temperature. When you brew your coffee in one go, you have the consistency of drinking. For those who like it hotter, with the hot froth option before you brew the coffee, heat your milk once and froth it up. tongue will burn. All in all a product that I would definitely recommend.

👤 *** ***: I am very satisfied and I definitely recommend you to buy it for great coffee. Absolutely gorgeous and easy to use product

👤 *** ***: A great machine. Although these machines take up a lot of space, it is very nice that they are thin and long. Now I can make all the coffee I drink outside.

👤 *** ***: The product is really good, we enjoy drinking our coffee since the first day we bought it. In terms of temperature, it gets very hot, but if you want it even hotter, it gets much hotter if you start the coffee with the Hot Foam button and then press the desired coffee and brew the coffee.

👤 *** ***: The coffee tastes very bad and does not warm the milk enough. Although I use the best quality Nespresso capsules and milk, Nescafe is a 3-in-1 flavour. Stay away from capsule coffee, I bought it before exchange rates increased, I wish I had bought another automatic machine with bean grinder or one with manual side frother.

👤 *** ***: Doesn’t lather well. Engine slows down. Technical service is insufficient. I don’t recommend it.

👤 *** ***: Water is leaking from under the coffee maker. Unstable, I didn’t like it.

In this section of our content, we have answered the most frequently asked questions about the Nespresso Atelier S85 Espresso Machine.

Which coffees does the Nespresso Atelier S85 make?

Nespresso Atelier S85; It has a functional design that can prepare espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, flat white and mocha coffee.

How much coffee in 1 Nepresso capsule?

The capsule coffees of the Nespresso Atelier S85 espresso machine are designed for single use. With 1 capsule you can prepare 1 cup of coffee.

Which country does Nespresso belong to?

Nespresso is a Swiss brand. This brand, which makes delicious coffees and coffee machines, has also managed to conquer a big place on the world market.

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