Networks of Islamophobia Revealed by an Investigation in Canada

Sociologist Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. Dr. Jasmin Zine completed the research she and her team began four years ago and produced a 127-page report.

Zine explained his report “Canada Islamophobia Industry: A Map of the Islamophobia Ecosystem in the Great White North” to AA, saying that the “Islamophobia industry” has become a transnational sector.

Noting that the Islamophobia industry has a $1.5 billion market in the US alone, Zine stated that this market is coordinated by 39 US-based organizations.

Pointing out that it is impossible to make the same findings for Canada because access to the necessary documents is not allowed, Zine expressed the following views:

“Islamophobia networks are transnational. They’re not just in Canada or the United States. A lot of funding for this industry comes from the United States, and some of the studies there show it’s a $1.5 billion market in total.” “Some of this support is promoting anti-Islamic propaganda. It seeped into Canada. We couldn’t exercise the same kind of control in the US because we didn’t have access to the kind of documents we needed, but we know some of that support his way here to support Islamophobia ideologues and organizations.In addition, in Canada and the United States, there are also transnational ties between Islamophobia actors in Europe and elsewhere. These ties also amplify the strength of these networks and allow them to spread their misinformation and misinformation much wider.”

Zine listed the main actors of the Islamophobia industry and drew attention to the strong links between these actors.

Zine also explained the main actors of the Islamophobia industry in his report:

Media organizations: Islamophobia influencers contribute to far-right media forums and use social media platforms to professionalize and monetize their propaganda and bigotry.

Infantrymen: Far-right, white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups and the instigators behind them who are active in promoting anti-Muslim hatred through online and public protests and demonstrations.

Soft power groups: groups that promote anti-Muslim campaigns to achieve specific political, ideological and religious goals that drive Islamophobic subcultures. They also use coercive tactics such as bullying, intimidation, and intimidation to silence those who oppose them.

Indigenous informants: Muslim dissidents and ex-Muslims who play the role of authority provide “political cover” for Islamophobic campaigns by creating Islamophobic narratives and conspiracy theories.

Think tanks and security experts: Group forming an “expert cult” to promote Islamophobic conspiracy theories that stigmatize Muslims as potential extremists and threats to national security.

Political figures: Politicians who allow Islamophobic narratives and policies that promote anti-Muslim sentiments as part of the wider ecosystem that is paving the way for Islamophobic racism to take root and spread.”

Emphasizing that the Islamophobia industry’s growing ties to various sectors have made the interactive role of key groups more prominent, Jasmin Zine said all conspiracy theories about Muslims represent the orchestral organized nature of Islamophobia groups working together.

Zine underlined that the broad Islamophobic ecosystem created by these networks in Canada has deadly consequences, for example the mosque raid in Quebec City in 2017, which killed 6 Muslims, and the shooting of 4 members of a Muslim family, which went into effect in 2017. 2021 take an evening walk in London with a truck, where he showed that he had been killed as a result of the attack.

Zine recalled that these two attacks were carried out by white nationalists and stated that there are about 300 far-right and white nationalist groups in Canada with Islamophobic activities.

Zine added that she will attend the International Islamophobia Conference to be held by Ibn Haldun University in Istanbul in June 2023 and present her report there.

The original text of the report can be accessed at the link “”.

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