New trend in tourism: Cruise cruise

While Turkey has increased its share of global cruise tourism, according to data from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Directorate General of Maritime Affairs, the number of cruise ships docking in Turkish ports increased by 43 percent in the first 5 months of this year to 279, while passenger numbers increased by 114 percent to 299 during the same period. rose to 1,377.

Sector representative Alper Taşkıranlar said 60 million tourists are expected to visit Turkey this year.

Taşkıranlar pointed out that the income per person is expected to be about $933 per person from tourism and said, “This year it is predicted that 3 million passengers will be served by 1300 cruise ships and that this year will reach 90 percent occupancy in the ships. achieved, with the interest in cruise tourism increasing every day, the number of interested tourists is expected to double,” he said.

Taşkıranlar pointed out that the tourists who come to Turkey on cruise ships are a very big contributor to the country’s economy and they expect the number of tourists coming on cruise ships to double next year.

Taşkıranlar stated that they mainly bring American, Canadian and Mexican tourists to Turkey, and there are also passengers from Europe, South America, Japan and China.

Taşkıranlar drew attention to the increasing interest of domestic tourists in cruise tourism and said, “There has been an increase in demand from Turkey ahead of the 9-day Eid al-Adha holiday. Nearly 1000 of our guests depart from Istanbul as a package to the Mediterranean destinations in Northern Europe, England, Iceland and Alaska.


Cruise tourism representative Özgü Alnıtemiz also pointed out that the eyes are more on Turkey in world cruise tourism and said that they will organize a total of 104 trips to Kuşadası port this season.

Alnıtemiz said they will carry a total of 120,000 passengers in the season and said they mainly make Aegean and Mediterranean programs.

Alnıtemiz stated that they received guests from 140 countries, mainly American, European and Australian, on the ships, saying:

“Due to the high level of interest this season, we have also revised our Turkish passenger target. We aim to receive 20,000 Turkish passengers on 104 ships during the season. Our country is surrounded by seas on three sides and has a coastline on the main seas. location is very valuable for crossing the straits between the continents. From the point of view of our economy, cruise tourism is one of the sectors that will feed us the most. The eyes of the world’s cruise giants are in our country. We are in the heart of the most preferred Mediterranean destination in the world. An Aegean-Mediterranean program without Turkey is unthinkable. With the right decisions and the right policies, we will make our country the apple of the eye of global cruise tourism. We can bring it.”

Alnıtemiz stated that one of the main reasons why domestic tourists prefer cruise travel is the fact that cruise package prices offer an advantage despite foreign currency fluctuations and high prices in hotels. , protect their budget against the increase of foreign exchange.”


Cruise tourism representative İrem Bayar also stated that this year they have already reached pre-Covid-19 epidemic numbers both in the country and abroad.

Emphasizing that awareness of cruise tourism has increased compared to previous years, Bayar said:

“The holiday of Eid al-Adha has become one of the most important dates for us as it touches the entire tourism industry. Currently, we have no available rooms on our ships. According to our research, 6 out of 10 people who rate experienced cruise travelers have prefer a cruise holiday. With every passing day, the number of cruise passengers is increasing. “In accordance with the demand we receive, in 2024 we will operate trips from the port of Bodrum, in addition to the ports of Istanbul and Kuşadası.”

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