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While owning a home offers many investment benefits, it also comes with some challenges.

Especially those who rent out their home for a short period of time find it difficult to track and manage reservations from different platforms. Situations such as double bookings, cancellations and changes put both landlords and tenants at risk.


While the tourist season continues rapidly, the short-term rental housing market remains vital. The 25% rent increase increases the search for short-term tenants by homeowners, not only in tourist regions but also in city centers. However, homeowners who rent out their homes by placing advertisements on various platforms have difficulty controlling their business processes. So, what problems do homeowners struggle with the most? We’ve listed it for you..

Hosts primary concern: managing reservations

Homeowners who rent out their homes through different platforms have difficulty managing their management mechanisms. Homeowners are most often faced with the following issues.

– Manage reservation requests

– Periodic price optimization

-Increase the profit from renting

– Managing financial processes

Hosts are trying different methods to view and manage reservations from different platforms in one place. However, these methods are often inadequate or have a high margin of error. Keeping the calendar up to date manually can cause unwanted situations such as overbooking. While overbooking harms tenants, it can also lead to loss of reputation and income for landlords.

Rental platforms like Devende, which allows hosts to synchronize their reservation calendars, maximize investor returns with their channel management systems with advanced technology infrastructure. In addition, it makes it possible to practically carry out business processes.


It is possible to use technology to solve hosts’ calendar management problems. With channel management applications, reservations from different platforms can be viewed and managed in one place. These panels, which integrate with popular platforms such as Booking Airbnb, Casamundo, Vrbo, Expedia, automatically sync the hosts’ calendars.

What else can channel management systems offer homeowners:

-It removes the double reservation problem with multi-channel management.

– It allows the publication of advertisements from different sites through one panel.

– Facilitates financial tasks such as pricing and invoicing.

It makes it possible to run rental processes from different devices.

These benefits allow homeowners using multi-channel management to manage their calendars in a convenient and controlled manner, saving both work and time. By maximizing its periodic rental income, it increases its profits and expands its market shares. In addition, it gains time to communicate one-on-one with its customers, while providing a perfect experience, increasing satisfaction and achieving success.

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