“Non-surgical aesthetic applications should not be seen as a simple procedure”

With the development of technology, innovations in aesthetics shape the preferences of individuals. Aesthetic treatments requiring surgery are being replaced by dermatological treatments on the skin that do not require surgical competence. According to data published by Research and Markets, the non-surgical aesthetic treatment market, which ended 2022 at $11.87 billion, is expected to reach $19.94 billion by 2028. While many age groups are turning to injectable methods like botox and fillers to improve their appearance and fight signs of aging, mesotherapy is at the forefront of cosmetic dermatology. Dermatology specialist Hande National explains new trends and methods in non-surgical aesthetic treatments, which are expected to grow by an average of 9 percent each year.

Dermatology specialist Dr Hande National said: “The rapid development of technology has opened the door to the emergence of new methods in aesthetic treatments. In fact, operations that are painful and require a healing process are omitted and the demand for non-surgical applications that are applied directly to the skin and whose effects are seen in a short time is increasing. Those who want to solve their aesthetic problems without going under the knife see these applications as a savior. For example, while mesotherapy is one of them, methods of filling light under the eyes and methods of facial rejuvenation are becoming more popular day by day.


Explaining that mesotherapy is a method used to deliver the nutrients and medicines the skin needs deep into the skin, dermatology specialist Dr. Hande National shared the following information about dermatological rejuvenation methods:

“Mesotherapy is a procedure in which a needle is inserted into the middle layer of the skin, a method similar to acupuncture. It usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Although mesotherapy has a very wide scope and scope of application, the first place is to eliminate the damage to the skin and regulate the weakened blood circulation. In these applications, while renewing the skin, the loosened tissues regain their former firmness and rejuvenate.”


Dermatology specialist Hande National stated that non-surgical aesthetic facial rejuvenation treatments not only involve skin tightening, but are often preferred for glowing and vibrant skin. Dermatology specialist Hande National said: “The effects of under-eye light filling in facial rejuvenation are also invaluable! nutrition and sleep pattern of daily life.Light padding under the eyes reduces bruises and dark circles under the eyes, tired look, wrinkles and sagging.Thanks to the hyaluronic acid substance, it helps to lighten the color of the skin under the eyes and gives it a bright appearance.This process, which is completed in 15 to 20 minutes, ensures young and healthy skin.In addition, with regular use, the duration of action is extended from 9 to 12 months.


Dermatology specialist, who said that as with aesthetic surgeries, there can be scenarios where desired results are not obtained with non-surgical aesthetic applications. Hande National also shared the details that should be known about under-eye light filling and non-surgical aesthetic treatments with the following words:

“It is essential to take a holistic approach to non-surgical aesthetic applications. In addition to listening to the wishes of the patient, their needs must also be determined so that a perfect service can be provided. In addition, we recommend that patients prefer dermatologists or aesthetic doctors who are experts in their field for mesotherapy. Because many non-surgical aesthetic applications, which are seen as a simple procedure, can cause serious problems for our patients if they are not performed by specialized doctors.

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