Not every droopy eyelid requires surgery

Ophthalmologist Dr. Melike Lider Gezer gave information about droopy eyelids in childhood. Dr. Gezer said: “One of the main reasons for the emergence of this problem in later periods, not congenital, is age-related changes. In addition, injuries, long-term use of contact lenses, allergic conditions, infections or tumors, some musculoskeletal and nerve disorders can cause this cause problem.

Generally congenital droopy eyelids, that is, “ptosis” problems in literature; Dr. Dr. Gezer said: “Not every droopy eyelid is a sign of disease. However, in some children; while unilateral drooping of the eyelids is observed at a rate of 70 percent, additional conditions can be observed such as the absence of eyelid folds, the brow lift of the child or the development of a head position in the chin-up position.

With congenital droopy eyelid; Noting that strabismus and lazy eye can also be seen, Dr. Gezer stated that a lazy eye develops as a result of a low degree of pupillary coverage or the degree of visual aberration. Dr. Gezer said: “In cases where amblyopia develops, we recommend ensuring eyelid symmetry before the child enters school for 2-4 years. This of course not only provides an aesthetic advantage, but also a functional advantage such as a widening of the field of view.

“If the pupil is not covered, 4 years can be expected for surgery”

Emphasizing that when there is a drooping eyelid in infants, it is necessary to first assess whether the upper eyelid covers the pupil. Gezer said: “If the upper eyelid causes vision problems even in childhood and narrows the field of view, we recommend surgery to prevent the eye from becoming lazy. However, if there is no covering at the level of the pupil, then with surgery should be waited until the age of 4 years.

Dr. Gezer states that congenital droopy eyelids also occur in some syndromic conditions involving the movement of the masticatory muscles called “Marcus Gunn jaw winking”; He stated that in diseases that can also be seen as familial, such as “blepharophimosis”, a suitable valve position can be achieved surgically.

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