NotiSecure: Improves Corporate Policy Compliance with Advanced Digital Awareness – Breaking Technology News

Developed with Doğuş Teknoloji’s internal entrepreneurship program, NotiSecure makes it easy for anyone to meet employee compliance requirements.

Its next-generation awareness approach allows it to predict potential risks by warning against the use of words that conflict with company culture before sending an email. NotiSecure, which also helps companies improve their regulatory compliance and information security policies, facilitates assessment of potential risks, facilitates referral of employees to training tailored to their individual needs, and can design personalized notifications.


With flexible and customizable rule sets, NotiSecure’s central administrative interface helps maintain continuity in corporate culture by improving compliance with corporate policies while protecting employee privacy.

Aslı Barış, Assistant General Manager Human Resources at Doğuş Teknoloji

Aslı Barış, Deputy General Manager of Human Resources of Doğuş Teknoloji, mentioned NotiSecure’s importance in accelerating adaptation to corporate culture and said, “We experience NotiSecure, which can be flexibly configured according to the needs of the company, to provide Doğuş Teknoloji’s support gender equality values. As a first step towards perpetuating an egalitarian corporate culture, we have been working for some time to raise awareness of the language we use in our daily lives. To do this, we’ve defined over 100 words that aren’t suitable for our NotiSecure’s equal language approach and integrated them into our Outlook accounts. NotiSecure detects sexist words in email correspondence and warns users in a pop-up window. Simultaneously with the popup, it sends a notification through the Teams application and shares with us the list of words that may contain sexist expressions and the alternatives we can use instead. Since using NotiSecure, we’ve minimized sexist discourse in our email correspondence. For example, with Notisecure’s support, we were able to convert the phrase “man/day” we used in our project efforts to “person/day”, first in our email correspondence and then in our spoken language, in just 2 months.” said.

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