Now watch out for scabies

Stating that scabies is transmitted from person to person through close contact, skin disease specialist Dr Kübra Esen Salman said: “It is typical for there to be several individuals in the family. It can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse. Changeover of clothing and bedding is rare. It is not easily transmitted through short-term contacts such as handshakes. However, holding hands for long periods of time and sleeping in the same bed are common.

Scabies symptoms can be seen all over the body

Underlining that after the parasite has passed to the person, it starts to form complaints after an average of 3-6 weeks, dermatology specialist Dr Kübra Esen Salman said: “The main clinical finding is pruritus, which mainly increases at night and becomes more intense in hot baths and showers Between the hands and fingers, the inner surface of the wrist, armpits, behind the ears, waist area, ankles, feet, hips, nipples in women and genital area in men are the areas of the body where itching and lesions can be seen. The most noticeable lesion is grayish-white tunnel structures that the parasite lives in, seen as a wavy dirty line between the fingers.Aside from this, it can cause small bumps and hardening of the skin, blisters, dandruff and crusty lesions.Keep in mind that it only lasts long can be accompanied by itching without a rash for a while In babies and people with low immune resistance, involvement can be seen throughout the body, including the scalp id and face. While rare in adult patients, it can show involvement of the palms, soles, and face in infants.

It is important to use a moisturizer when treating scabies

Claiming that the classic scabies treatment is mostly done with creams and pomades, Dermatology Specialist Dr. Kübra Esen Salman: “Medicines should be applied to the entire body, except for the face and scalp. It should also be applied under the nails, genital area and folds. There are drugs that can also be used in children, puerperium and pregnant women. It is important to see a doctor about this problem. In general, it is enough to apply these drugs to the body once after taking a bath and drying off, to wash them after remaining in the body for 10-12 hours, and to use this application as often as we recommend depending on the severity of the condition. You can also switch to medication. It should not be forgotten that all family members who share the same living environment should be treated at the same time, even if they have no active complaints at that time. Since the dryness of the skin that may develop after the treatment can also cause itching, it is also recommended to use a moisturizer.

Laundry should be washed at 60 degrees during treatment.

Dr. Kübra Esen Salman said: “Textile products and bedding should not be used without washing. Used laundry and linen should be washed and ironed at 60 degrees. It is sufficient to store items that cannot be washed in a sealed bag for an average of three days. It should be remembered that the symptoms of the disease can persist for 2-6 weeks, even after successful treatment.

Dr. Kübra Esen Salman said: “Babies suck their fingers to remove the drug, while adults wash their hands during the time it takes them to wait for the drug, which can lead to treatment failure. People living in the same environment live as people who receive scabies treatment should receive the same treatment, even if they have no complaints.Early diagnosis is important to prevent contagion.Especially in autumn and winter, if itching increases at night, a doctor should be consulted.

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