Nutrients for a healthy and nutritious breakfast

Must-haves for breakfast

According to many experts, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Since it is the first food that enters the body after sleep, it must be nutritious enough. For this reason, some foods are indispensable for breakfast. In this content we have listed for you what you should have for breakfast.

Here are the essential foods for a nutritious breakfast;

Details about a healthy breakfast

Since breakfast is a meal eaten just before the start of the day, we can say that healthy work to be done during the day depends on breakfast. For this reason, skipping or skipping breakfast is definitely not recommended by experts. A good day is to start the day well. You can start the day well with a good breakfast. The food eaten at breakfast, which is the “most important” meal among meals, makes the day run more efficiently. If breakfast is not made in the morning, the person may experience problems such as fatigue, headache, lack of attention and perception. Breakfast gives you the chance to start the day with a healthy and nutritious meal. The benefits of a healthy breakfast for adults are as follows:

  • It ensures that the body can absorb more vitamins and minerals.
  • Thanks to a healthy breakfast, less fat and cholesterol is consumed.
  • Eating breakfast increases your attention and productivity throughout the day.
  • Weight control is provided.
  • Because you consume less cholesterol, the risk of cardiovascular disease is smaller.

Benefits of breakfast for children

Must-haves for breakfast

Breakfast in particular contributes to the daily energy and nutrient requirements of growing children and young people. In addition, experts emphasize the positive effects of breakfast on children’s school success.

It is seen that the tendency of all individuals, from children to adults, to skip breakfast is greater than for other meals. If breakfast is not served, children’s school performance decreases, their resistance to diseases decreases, and fatigue and exhaustion can set in. With saturation, this situation disappears. The benefits of a healthy breakfast for children are briefly as follows:

  • The daily nutritional needs of children are met.
  • This allows them to concentrate better.
  • Develops problem solving skills.
  • They become more alert.
  • They stay away from school less.
  • They become more physically active.

Considerations for sufficient and balanced breakfast

Must-haves for breakfast

  • Foods with a high protein content should be consumed.
  • Consuming fruits and vegetables for breakfast ensures a long feeling of satiety.
  • There should always be a glass of milk in children’s breakfast, especially in the age of growth and development.
  • The main foods that should be given to children at breakfast are cheese, olives, eggs, jam, honey, molasses, bread, cereals, vegetables and fruits.

What to have in a healthy breakfast

1. Newschy foods

Must-haves for breakfast

Bread and muesli, which are starchy foods, are among the must-have breakfast items. Vitamin B in its content has the effect of both opening the mind and helping to concentrate. However, when consuming bread, wholemeal bread is preferable. You can make wholemeal bread for breakfast by spreading a little bit of butter, honey or jam on it. Also make sure that the muesli you consume contains as little sugar as possible.

2. Vitamins

Must-haves for breakfast

Fresh fruit should certainly not be missing in an ideal morning breakfast. Fruits such as grapefruit, orange and kiwi, which are very rich in vitamin C, are among the fruits that can be especially preferred. Since there can be a lot of sugar in ready-to-drink fruit juices, make sure you eat fresh fruit or drink fresh fruit juice for breakfast. For breakfast, do not forget to consume vegetables such as parsley, arugula and carrots.

3. Proteins

Must-haves for breakfast

Consuming protein-rich foods for breakfast prevents you from having a hunger crisis until noon. At the beginning of the protein foods to be consumed at breakfast are yogurt, milk and cheese. These are among the must-eats for a healthy breakfast. In addition, protein-rich foods are especially beneficial for children’s skeletal system.

4. Drinks

Must-haves for breakfast

You can choose fresh fruit juice, tea or herbal tea for breakfast to speed up the metabolism and prevent water loss during the day.

What to eat for breakfast

Must-haves for breakfast

  • Always eat vegetables such as parsley, arugula and carrots during breakfast.
  • You can eat 1 boiled potato for breakfast.
  • Squeeze lemon into everything you eat.
  • If you are going to consume muesli for breakfast, make sure to consume naturally produced muesli. You can put orange juice in muesli instead of milk. You can also add 1 tablespoon of honey to make it sweeter.
  • It is best to choose the cheese type goat cheese. Make sure goat cheese is made by cooking it yourself or by cooking it naturally if you buy it from outside.
  • Give preference to the products you consume, such as salami, sausages, sausages, which are naturally grown, made from lamb or goat meat.
  • Instead of black tea for breakfast, use green tea, thyme tea or herbal tea. The substances in black tea cause iron deficiency and weaken the body’s immune system, especially in children.
  • Products such as walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, raisins with seeds and 1 egg can certainly be fed to children.
  • Consuming mistletoe for breakfast is very beneficial.
  • Consume natural and organically prepared foods such as pestil and mulberry.
  • Do not eat or feed baked potatoes and other fried foods for breakfast.
  • Drink coffee instead of tea after every meal.

What not to eat for breakfast

Must-haves for breakfast

  • Drinking more than enough during breakfast will make your stomach feel bloated, so you may not have room for other foods you need to eat. Therefore, you should avoid excessive consumption of drinks.
  • At breakfast you drink coffee, rather black coffee than coffee with milk. Coffee with milk consumed at breakfast can cause indigestion.
  • Foods with a high fat content, such as pastries, cookies and chocolate cake, should never be consumed.
  • Also, don’t eat too much jam or honey for breakfast. Sugar taken in the morning mixes more quickly with the blood and raises insulin.
  • In addition, if you want to better digest what you eat, you should start your breakfast with a drink.

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