‘Nutrition’ warning for earthquake victims with weakened immune and nervous systems

Earthquakes of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 in Kahramanmaraş caused devastation in 11 provinces. After the earthquakes that killed more than 40 thousand people, everyone took action. A lot of humanitarian aid material was sent to the victims of the earthquake, from food to hygiene equipment, from tents to heaters. Uğur Toprak, head of the Izmir branch of the Chamber of Food Engineers, also provided information on the food materials sent to the disaster area and the nutrition of the earthquake victims.

Toprak said that Turkey is in solidarity and said, “However, we must consciously show solidarity. In the first days of the disaster, there was no cooking facilities, so canned products gained weight. Now people started to cook their own meals. Especially those living in the villages live, cook their own meals. Therefore, if we are going to help dried legumes, it will be beneficial to send products such as flour and oil to the disaster area from now on,” he said.


Toprak stated that while traveling around the region and making observations, Toprak said: “Cleaning agents and similar items should not be placed in products while food aid is being dispatched. An important point to consider is checking the expiration and consumption dates of the products If a can is swollen or collapsed, it should not be sent. It should not be forgotten, when the products are shipped, they should be sent immediately. It should not be distributed. This problem should be paid attention to avoid waste. of course it is also necessary to check the products reaching the region by the distributors.Moreover, it is necessary to classify the products.If you make a package, it should contain only one product.Pasta is like a package,flour is like a package. Because the people of the region he is very naive. He does not want to buy a product that he does not need. Therefore, a such mechanism will be set up during the shipment of the products to facilitate distribution in the region. important point is the pallet. The products must be shipped on the pallet during shipping. Because the rules of stacking food must be followed. The weather in the region is cold. It’s possible. put a tarpaulin now products can be stacked on it. Even if it is canvas, products such as rice can become damp and moldy if placed on the floor in this way. That can lead to health problems,’ he says.


Toprak recalled that appropriate systems had been set up in the region during the meal, saying: “However, in some places, in the open space, people try to cook soup and food in the dust of the rubble. Immunity and nervous system of earthquake victims are weak. Their sleeping systems are broken. Therefore, much more care needs to be taken. This issue must be considered when sending food aid and preparing meals for earthquake victims. Therefore, this issue must be very careful. Poisoning by food that is not in the right conditions is prepared, given the existing toilet and shower facilities, as diarrhea and vomiting will occur even if there is no death from the disease, it will also cause serious public health problems,” he said.


Toprak pointed out that food areas should be created outside of gathering and shelter areas: “The needs of earthquake victims should be questioned. Celiac or diabetic patients should be fed according to their needs. The knowledge of food engineers should be taken advantage of in the kitchens Volunteer civilians and search and rescue teams can both be considered disaster victims. They should be provided with foods such as energy-sustaining nuts where they can be physically strong,” he said.

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