Obesity is not a choking disease.

Saying that the biggest criticism aimed at overweight people in the environment is the word “you can’t hold your throat,” General Surgery Specialist Opr. Dr. Erkan Aksoy: “The main difference with obesity surgery is that it reduces appetite immediately after surgery. Immediately after surgery, people’s appetite decreases, with the result that they become satiated by eating very little and eventually lose weight.

“Surgery is the most effective method of reducing hunger hormone”

Saying that the most effective method of reducing hunger hormone in the treatment of obesity is obesity surgery, Opr. Dr. Erkan Aksoy: “Because of these hormonal reasons, people get hungry very often, they eat very often and in large quantities. They arrive at the end of the day. It should not be forgotten that the most effective method of reducing the hunger hormone in the treatment of obesity is bariatric surgery.

“Sport is essential to keep the body from slackening”

Aksoy stated that sagging, looseness and cracks in the skin can occur due to rapid weight loss after bariatric surgery, Aksoy said: “These complications can be eliminated in a short time through sports and proper exercises, as well as many aesthetic options, especially liposuction, for more intense sagging that can occur in morbidly obese patients.Tightening is possible.It should not be forgotten that following the diet and exercise regimen recommended by your doctor and dietician will tighten the skin, prevent sagging and ensures rapid tightening.

“It is also possible to get rid of comorbidities”

Emphasizing that obesity significantly affects quality and duration of life, Aksoy warned:

“Obesity invites many major diseases, such as diabetes and blood pressure. Surgical treatment of obesity is successfully used today. In addition to weight loss, patients also experience significant improvements in major health conditions such as obesity-related diabetes and hypertension. It should not be forgotten that the postoperative process is at least as important as the operation. Together with our experienced team of experts, we plan the postoperative process and ensure that our patients achieve the desired weight and physique. In this way, our patients have the opportunity to start a new life in an extremely comfortable and risk-free way. Communication with patients after surgery is very important to us. Our patients start a new life after obesity and diabetes surgery. The follow-up of our patients after surgery is just as important as the success of the surgery. Diet and sport have a very important place in order not to return to the conditions that require surgery in obesity and metabolic diseases.”

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