One of the most common foot conditions… 10 times more common in women

Kiss. Dr. Mahmut Sert provided information on hallux valgus, also known as women’s anxious dream. Kiss. Dr Mahmut Sert said: “Hallux Valgus is defined as turning the big toe outward in its simplest definition. This condition is actually considered a deformity of the foot. This deformity in the thumb causes various symptoms such as a protrusion that bunion is called pain, redness and swelling in the foot. If this outward rotation increases over time, it can affect the little toes of the foot and degrade the anatomical structure of the entire foot and cause a sore foot. In addition, hallux valgus causes an aesthetic appearance in the foot.

Kiss. Dr Sert stated that the disease affects women and said: “Hallux valgus can be seen in both adults and children. The incidence in women is 7-10 times higher than in men.


Noting that the largest known cause of hallux valgus is the genetic infrastructure, Op. Dr Sert continued:

“If there is a person with hallux valgus in the person’s family, there is a possibility that he or she has it too. In addition, conditions such as obesity, wearing narrow shoes, standing for a long time, flat feet and rheumatic diseases can also cause a hallux valgus. The main reason why it often occurs, especially in women, is the wearing of narrow and pointed shoes.


Kiss. Dr Sert said: “Hallux valgus disease can be easily understood by looking from the outside. Hallux valgus deformity is seen in 3 ways as mild, moderate and severe. To understand the severity of hallux valgus, patients should definitely have a foot x-ray According to the severity of the deformity of the patient with hallux valgus, non-surgical He said: “(convervative) treatments and surgical treatments can be applied. Non-surgical treatments are weight loss in mild cases, avoidance of prolonged standing, finger rollers, and hallux valgus splints. Non-surgical treatments can slow the progression of the disease, but do not provide definitive treatment.”


Stating that surgical treatment is the only method of treatment, especially in moderate and severe cases, Op. Dr Sert said: “The surgeon’s treatment must be individually planned. During the surgical procedure, different types of soft tissue are loosened and the existing misalignment corrected. Hallux Valgus is an important problem for society because it is common in women and the foot is both painful and aesthetically bad. It is a disease. Since the treatment is easy to diagnose and very successful results are obtained, it is necessary to immediately be examined by a specialist and listen to the recommendations, “he said.

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