Only high IQs can solve it: Can you find the bag hidden in the picture?

How careful are you about noticing details? Here’s your chance to find out. These questions have become quite popular among social media users. (NOTE: ANSWERS AT THE END OF PHOTO GALLERY)

Can you find the ghost camouflaged among the carved pumpkins and utensils within 11 seconds?
As spring approaches, British fashion retailer Quiz has created a puzzle of purple, pink and red flowers. Quiz asked social media users to find the bag hidden in the image. The record was announced at 12 seconds. So, did you manage to find the bag in less than 12 seconds? If your answer is yes, you are a very careful person and you belong to 10 percent of society.
The visual, created by the software company iCompario, was on the social media agenda. The stunning optical illusion is produced using the Munker-White concept that places lines in the background. Each user saw a different number of colors in the image, because the human eye takes into account not only the colors of the objects, but also the colors around the object. So how many colors do you see?
However, the Munker-White concept was used to create another optical illusion in 2019, where spheres of different colors float between lines of red, blue and green. How many different colors do you think the bulbs actually have here?
Who is cheating at this gambling table?
An international IQ testing institute asked how to untie the 7-car chain at the intersection. So which vehicle should be removed to clear traffic?
Can you challenge your brain by freezing the small interconnected gray squares in the photo for just 10 seconds? It’s a skill not everyone masters, says Akiyoshi Kitaoka, a psychology professor at Ritsumeikan University in Japan. Only one in 100 people can perceive the optical illusion in the photo. On the other hand, according to Kitaoka, such optical illusions have been part of human history for 20,000 years, when prehistoric artists used natural rock protrusions to add volume and depth to cave paintings of horses and bison.
Only two people out of 100 can notice… Experts say whoever solved this image in 10 seconds is a gifted person. Where are the birds in the picture?
What should be the result of the last operation?
Where does the badger hide between the black and white stripes of zebras?
Do you think the cat will go down or up?
There are side by side chairs in different colors in the picture, but there is only one single chair. Where do you think the single chair is?
Do you see the empty piece of floor? Did you find the herringbone hardwood floor under all the boxes? Only 5 percent of ministers can solve it in less than a minute.
In which direction is your Super Mario running on the stairs?
What is the missing digit?
Can you find the heart, eye and brain in the picture?
Did you find the four leaf clover?
Which door does this key open?
One of the planes on this map is flying in the test direction. So, can you find out which plane has deviated from its path and flew in the opposite direction in this chaotic air traffic?
There are 16 flats in this image, called the “closet board illusion.” Can you find their location?
Have you spotted the cat hiding among the pigeons? According to the news in the British newspaper Daily Mail, the record of the person who first detected the cat in the frame is 18 seconds.
Did you notice the puppy in the picture?
Find the toaster
Find the donut (sweet doughnut) between the lifebuoys.
Find the pink, blue and green colored ice creams between the cones.
Find the colored dragon egg in this image.
Two solitaire rings are hidden in this photo. Let’s see if you can find it?
How many feet do you see in this frame?
This square, published by Hungarian cartoonist Gergely Dudas on social media, became very popular in a short time. So where is the football in this frame?
Do you see the difference in these two frames?
Which letter do you see in this box?
Which child cheats in the game?
How many animals are in this picture?
Which of the women in the picture is pregnant?
Can you connect these dots by drawing 4 straight lines without raising your hand?
Which of the women is the man’s wife?
Where is the ladybug in the picture?
Which of the boxes has money?
Whose is the cat?
Where is the deer the hunters are looking for?
Which is the missing piece?
Which of the target boards is different?
Where is the single seat in this frame?
Where is the book hidden in the picture?
There is also a poker stamp hidden in this photo
Where is the pen in this picture?
Find the different looking cat
Find the other one between the pairs.
Which one is different from the others?
All the same from the photos, just a different one. Can you find the others?
Which cow is different from the others?
Find the image that is different.
Can you find the other of the photos here?
Find the duo different from the others.
Which horse is not like the others?
Which dog looks different from the others?
If you look closely at the picture, you can understand that the bag is located in the lower left corner.
“While it looks like there are different colored fuel pumps, there are only five different colored fuel pumps and the colors of the pumps in each row are exactly the same as in the previous row,” said iCompario. The color of the fuel pumps is perceived depending on the color used in the lines in the image. For example, a red line gives the fuel pump a different color perception.
Prof. Dr. According to David Novick, the orbs that initially appear in different colors all have the same color. “A tricolor confetti illusion of spheres that look like yellowish, reddish, and purple, but are actually the exact same light brown base color (RGB 255,188,144),” Novick noted.
Vehicles 1 and 2 at the intersection go south, vehicles 4 and 5 go west, while vehicles 6 and 7 go north, only vehicle 3 goes east. The answer to the intelligence test is ‘take car number 3 out of traffic’.
The squares in the photo don’t really move. However, the optical illusion in the picture is arranged with glow-based borders that artificially activate motion-sensing neurons in the visual pathways in our brains. This causes our eyes to read the change in light as movement.
View the image inverted.
If you look closely, you can see Super Mario running up and down the stairs.
But if you think it’s easy to figure out which way Super Mario is running, you’re wrong. The cartoon “Super Mario Bros. An Episode of Super Show!” split the audience in two. In a few seconds of the video, it is quite difficult to understand whether the hero is going down the stairs or not. At first glance, it looks like Super Mario is running down the stairs. But the truth is not like that. If you need a clue, you can look at the left foot of the famous character, or you can decide for yourself whether your foot is in this position when you run down the stairs.
Looking at the structure of the stairs, the cat can clearly be seen descending.
Woman in red dress stealing stamps from table is cheating.
The blond boy holds a stone in his hand.
There are 13 animals in this photo.
The woman practicing yoga is pregnant. The sport she practices is more suitable for pregnant women and the woman’s belly has grown.
Observant people can see that the bag in the lower right corner of the photo has the same tone as the mint green ribbon.
The owner of the cat is the girl (center) whose tights are torn. The reason for the tear in the girl’s tights on the right may have been because he was stuck somewhere instead of the cat.
11 and 32
number 2
The target board in the center is different from the sides

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