Our pregnancy success with IVF is above the world rate

Each year, thousands of couples have children with in vitro fertilization, one of the fastest developing areas of medical technology. Providing information about the techniques used in IVF treatment, Gynecology Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Ufuk Yılmaz warned the couples. Recalling that in vitro fertilization is a method of having children by assisted reproductive technologies, Op. Dr. Yılmaz said: “We can call it as removing the egg and sperm from the patient and fertilization outside, forming the embryo after fertilization and putting the embryo back into the uterus. We have conditions for IVF treatment. It usually starts during menstruation, but the patient must be fit first. In vitro fertilization can be started immediately if he has tried simple treatments before, if he has finished vaccinations or if there is no sperm and egg. Its onset is on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstruation. There is actually no limit to the IVF trial. But the first 2 attempts are always the most successful. Trials after 2 always become more problematic. Special offers and special tests are required for the patients. In IVF studies, after a new treatment, we want a new treatment 3 months later. We recommend that the patient do 3 trials per year,” he said.

“Contemporary illness, reduced egg reserve”

Pointing out that today’s disease is reduced egg reserve, Op. Dr. Yılmaz said, “Unfortunately, the age of marriage is delayed in society, the person enters business life and the child remains in the background when it comes to career. Of course, in this case, the pregnancy rate of patients decreases with increasing age. As a disease of the present time, we especially often see a reduced egg reserve. That is why we use special techniques in these patients. We do personalized treatments. Especially deposition treatments that we call pooling, genetic analysis of embryos, and again due to the fact that natural killer cells in the body, which we call monocyte vaccine, prevent pregnancy, this is revealed with a special test, and as a result, an intrauterine test. vaccine is administered to the patient and such treatment is used especially in patients who are unable to conceive after 3-4 attempts. This way they can get pregnant,” she said.

“Too much consumption of hormone-containing foods causes a decrease in egg reserves”

Pointing out that people should pay attention to nutrition, Op. Dr. Yılmaz emphasized that hormone feeding should be avoided. Yılmaz said: “We attribute the decrease in the eggs of the patients that we call reduced egg reserve at such a young age to the nutritional disorders that the society has developed over time. Eating fast food, pizza, pita bread, unnatural foods, excessive consumption of hormonal foods cause this type of egg reserve to decrease. Therefore, we, our patients, of course, eat away from fat, smoking is a very serious factor, especially for women. We definitely don’t want them to smoke. We recommend consuming milk, yogurt and cheese and consuming foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, especially green peppers, oranges and lemons.

“Our success rate is one click above the world”

Claiming that they do not make new transfers in IVF treatment, Op. Dr. Yılmaz shared the following information:

“We evaluate the patient. We use the ovarian system very often for patients with a lower chance of pregnancy. We no longer do new transfers. We perform all our patients as frozen transfers. We collect eggs from those who have few eggs. We send it to genetics, we find the healthy embryo. Then we’ll switch. This is how we increase our success rate above 60 percent in these patients. Currently, our center has an average pregnancy success rate of 75 percent. We have a 62 percent rate of bringing children home, which is one click higher than the world rate.”

“We have patients from Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands”

Expressing that there is a demand for IVF treatment from abroad, Op. Dr. Yılmaz said: “We have a very serious request, especially from our neighbor Georgia. Because the treatment techniques there are a bit behind, there are too many patients. Abroad again we have patients from Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The rules are very strict there. It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not. They tried 1-2 times or not, they don’t go to different techniques. That is why patients with failed attempts in the Netherlands and Belgium come to us. We organize and do their treatment here and the patients go back pregnant.”

“Age, marriage is postponed, career is postponed”

Saying that the chances of getting pregnant after age 40 are very low, Op. Dr. Yılmaz said: “I advise our patients not to be late to have a child. Because age, marriage is postponed, delays are made because of career. At the very least, we strongly recommend that our patients have their egg reserves checked after marriage and see if they have any problems. We especially want them to start treatment before it’s too late, if any. Whatever you do after the age of 40, the chance of getting pregnant from the patient decreases enormously.

“I can never forget triplets”

Achieving many successful results, Op. Dr. Ufuk Yılmaz said he has an unforgettable memory. Kiss. Dr. Yılmaz said: “We have a very special moment in IVF treatment. After collecting eggs from an IVF patient, we switched. We later got the happy result from our patient. When we looked at the ultrasound, we saw that she was pregnant with triplets. Our patient presented with the problem of ovary rotation 2 days later. We rejected this patient’s oocytes laparoscopically. In general, such patients do not have a tendency to relapse. The patient returned 1 week later with the same complaint. We had to operate again. It is not always possible to have a healthy triplets pregnancy after operating on a triplets patient twice. I will never forget this patient,” he concluded.

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