Pain relief makes you smile! What diseases is mesotherapy used for?

Dr. Dr. Barutçu, on heavy mesotherapy, said: “The most important condition among the application areas of mesotherapy is pain. Drug mixtures selected for this purpose are administered locally, in small doses, with special needles and special techniques. The drug, which penetrates the capillary ends reached in the middle layer of the skin, quickly shows its effect.It is a simple treatment method where drugs are given close to the site of the problem and the effectiveness of the treatment increases.That is why mesotherapy is the best solution to bring a drug closer to bring it to its goal.

“The side effects of medicines are also decreasing”

Dr. Dr. Barutçu said a very small dose of it was used. Once the medicine given traditionally affects the digestive system, kidneys, liver, etc. Dr. Barutçu said, “In classical methods, drugs are administered intravenously, intramuscularly, through the anus or through the skin, while in the mesotherapy method, the route of administration of the drug to the body is locally in the middle layer of the skin. Thus, the drug administered in small doses will directly reach the diseased area without any changes, and the result will be obtained in a short time. In this method, drugs enter the body in much smaller amounts than prescribed doses. Since the dose of the drugs is reduced, the side effects are also significantly reduced. The medicine will be administered by the doctor under his own control. This request is valid for every session. Thus, problems such as the use of the drug by the patient at the wrong time and in inappropriate doses are eliminated.

What diseases is mesotherapy used for?

In which diseases mesotherapy is applied, Physiotherapy Specialist Dr. Barutçu explained with the following words:

“It is used in the treatment of many diseases, especially musculoskeletal disorders, vascular disorders and aesthetic problems. Pain is at the forefront of areas of use. This method; therapeutic mixtures are helped to go directly to the area of ​​​​the problematic lesion. Acute chronic pain, rheumatic diseases, bone and cartilage disorders, Achilles tendinitis, rotator cuff syndrome, lumbar disc herniation, sciatica, epicondylitis, nerve compression, meniscopathies, pain, stiffness, swelling and limitation of movement after joint degeneration, pain due to connective tissue pathology, redness and limitation of movement, pain in acute and chronic soft tissue strains, redness and restriction of movement, myofascial pain syndrome, migraine headache, supportive in the treatment of skin pathologies such as keloid, alopecia, acne, immune system It is used in strengthening the system, sports injuries of soft tissue.

What are the side effects of mesotherapy?

Adding that side effects such as redness, bleeding, allergic reaction, bruising, infection, burning, itching, and edema are rare, says Dr. Barutçu said that the patient to be treated with mesotherapy should be informed before the application.

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