Pandemic process increased breast cancer cases

Secretary of the National Breast Cancer Congress Prof. Dr. Serap Eren stated that the number of breast cancers has increased after the Covid-19 pandemic. Prof. Dr. Eren: “Since March 2020, there has been a decrease in patients coming for screening, even in patients who have a normal follow-up of 6 months other than screening. We started to see the result of this after 2 years.” Research figures have also shown that the incidence of patients with a spread of more than 2 cm in the axillary lymph nodes or even metastasized to their bones has increased. As the scans decreased, the number of advanced patients increased statistically significantly. An estimated 8-10 percent increase in breast cancer-related death rates is expected.”

Prof. Dr. Drawing attention to the importance of early diagnosis in breast cancer, Eren said: “If detected early, treatment is almost 100 percent possible; however, if diagnosed late, you will need surgery and chemotherapy.” when the medications to be administered may not be needed at all.” It is very beneficial for your quality of life and the protection of your breast. That is why it is very important not to delay the scans at an early stage.”


Prof. Dr. Serap Eren, who stated that there are studies that can be done at home to prevent the increase in breast cancer, said: “After every bath they should stand in front of a mirror, whether there is a mass in themselves at this stage , a growth in the previous masses, a mass in the armpit, rash. Then people lie on their backs and examine themselves by looking at the right and left breasts together, but during this examination they have to put their breasts in their fingers.” They should instead examine the area around the chest with their fingers. If they sense a different mass or formation, we recommend that they come sooner or later.”

Prof. Dr. Eren said that the only known treatment method in the past was to remove the entire cancer area by surgery: “Today, with the development of drug treatments and radiotherapy, current approaches have changed and therefore it may not be needed to remove the entire breast.” We approach the mass sizes accordingly. We can even end the surgery by removing just a few of the lymph nodes with some methods. It may not be necessary to clean all the lymph nodes,” he said.

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