Parasite transmitted by cats: what is toxoplasma, what are the symptoms of toxoplasma?

Because the toxoplasma parasite harms patients, it remains on the agenda in different periods. Here are all the details you need to know about toxoplasma and things to keep in mind with the disease…


Toxoplasma is transmitted to humans in 3 basic ways:

1-) Contacting the feces of an infected cat and then bringing the hand to the mouth without washing it
2-) Eating the meat of an infected animal without cooking it thoroughly
3-) Transmission from an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy


Kiss. Dr Mumcu said: “Toxoplasma infections usually don’t produce many symptoms in adults. It is usually overcome as a mild cold that does not require a visit to the doctor.” He continues: “Signs such as mild muscle and joint pain, weakness, fatigue, swelling in the lymph nodes can be seen. Symptoms resolve spontaneously within a few weeks to a few months. Very rarely it can cause eye infections. It can have a much more serious course and even cause death in patients with immunosuppressive leukaemia, lymphoma, AIDS and in patients who have undergone organ transplants.


• Wash your hands regularly.
• When handling soil, be sure to wear gloves.
• Do not eat raw or undercooked meat (salami, etc.)
• Always wash your hands after contact with raw meat.
• Do not cut anything else with the blade used for cutting raw meat without washing it thoroughly.
• Do not carry out any other operations on the cutting boards on which you cut raw meat without washing them thoroughly.
• Wash raw fruits and vegetables well.
• Preferably do not eat leafy green salads outside
• Do not drink unpasteurized milk, do not use products made from such milk
• If there is a cat in the house, do not clean the litter yourself.
• Ensure that the cat litter is replaced every 24 hours.
• Do not leave your cat outside
• Do not feed raw meat to your cat


Specialist gynecology and obstetrics Prof. Dr. Ali Ergün’s statement on this subject is as follows; Toxoplasma passes to the baby more quickly at the beginning of pregnancy and this transmission becomes less in later periods. Although the risk of harm to the baby is lower in the beginning, the rate of transmission decreases as the pregnancy progresses, but if the baby is infected, it causes more serious damage. Contrary to popular belief, it causes permanent damage to the baby, such as brain damage, blindness, and stunted growth, rather than miscarriage. performed: “About half of the expectant mothers in our country have this disease beforehand. He is immune to the disease,” he said.

“Of course, if the vegetable salads are washed well and the meat is consumed during cooking, the risk of contracting the disease is eliminated. Apart from that, contact with cats, the main source of the parasite, should also be avoided. The idea that domestic cats are vaccinated and that there is no risk is wrong because there is no vaccine against toxoplasmosis Nevertheless, since cats only shed parasites for 2-3 weeks a year, the fact is that the risk of being exposed to parasites comes from the environment and not from the cat in the house Although these tests are widely performed on pregnant women and our people are generally aware of this situation, the idea that the pregnancy should be terminated if the disease is discovered is completely wrong Because after the advanced test it becomes clear whether the disease is only in the mother or whether it is transmitted to the baby.

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