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Nutrition and dietetics specialist Merve Ceren Saray, who stated that the holidays are the days when family and relatives gather, have long conversations, lay wide tables and share love and happiness, said that heavy meats, sweets and snacks are consumed in abundance during Eid al -Adha.

Watch out for red meat and sweets

In the statement from the palace: “It is very important not to suffer from the negative effects of this process, to know the value of a healthy body and to eat consciously. People with chronic diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension, kidney patients) and people with a high risk (children and the elderly) are particularly at risk. It is very important to keep in mind that the measures to be taken during the holidays are valid for all individuals, and especially to monitor the consumption of red meat and sweets. To provide portion control, to ensure balanced dietary preferences, to pay attention to food choices and cooking type at meals; It is essential for people who value their lives and bodies. Red meat; In addition to being a good quality animal protein, when consumed in excess and with fatty areas, our body; It is exposed to intense saturated fat and cholesterol levels. Even assuming that visible fats are not consumed, this fat content can be considered high. And another important point is that people with cholesterol and cardiovascular disease or who are at risk should avoid the consumption of offal.”

Merve Ceren Saray, who drew attention to the consumption of sacrificial meat, said: “When the meat of the newly slaughtered animals is consumed without waiting, the hardness of the meat causes digestive problems. In particular, patients with stomach ailments such as indigestion and bloating should not consume meat without waiting 24 hours. Cut the sliced ​​meat into small pieces and store in meal quantities; In terms of portion control, it’s both healthy and super easy.

Dietitian Merve Ceren Saray, who recommends consuming meat cooking methods in 3 types such as broil-boil-bake, said: “Choices such as deep-frying or broiling with extra added oil should be avoided. If barbecue is preferred, one should not forget that the loss of vitamins is due to the proximity of the meat to the fire and the risk of cancer in charred areas.In addition to our meat, it is very important to eat small amounts of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, such as rice and potatoes, avoid or consume to ensure weight management.

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