Pay Attention to Nutrition During the Holidays – Health News

Due to the new eating pattern that changes with the holidays, overeating and sweet consumption, some problems may occur, especially in people with heart, kidney, liver, diabetes and high blood pressure. Dietitian Nisa Nur Özkan pointed out that we should pay attention to our diet to slow down the metabolism and avoid problems in our digestive system; He said that it is very important to gradually increase the number of meals and the amount of food eaten. Don’t skip meals, eat little by little and often Özkan said: “If we switch to a normal diet with the feast, psychologically we may want to eat more. The main problem that will arise from this is indigestion and stomach problems. We have to reduce the number meals and the amount of food we eat in one sitting. Eating regularly and little by little in the form of 3 meals and 3 snacks will both relieve our stomach and prevent us from feeling hungry for a long time. Eat slowly and chew well during the eating also prevents digestive problems. While applying, make sure that you do not skip meals and do not feel hungry. We must remember that when we starve ourselves, we can attack more sweets, etc.

Although we have long longed for breakfast and want to prepare a lavish breakfast table on the first morning of the holiday, we would instead prefer to start the day with a light breakfast that makes us feel full. In particular, we should avoid fatty and heavy foods. For example, we would rather have a breakfast consisting of boiled eggs, wholemeal bread and seasonal vegetables instead of patisserie, patisserie, sausage, salami, chips and jam.” we eat or serve to our guests who come to our house, so that it is not embarrassing during our visits, are high-calorie and empty sources of energy. Instead of such heavy desserts, we can prefer light milky desserts. Instead of treats like candy, we can serve our guests our own healthy snacks and dried fruits. If we consume sweets, we can reduce our bread consumption by not consuming fruit that day to keep ourselves balanced. consume these drinks. We should try not to consume more than 2 cups of coffee and 5-6 cups of tea per day. Another point that we should not forget during and after the holidays is the movement. While paying attention to the food we eat, we should be careful to back it up with daily exercise. If we don’t have time to exercise daily, at least we have a car etc. Instead of using public transport, we might prefer to walk to the places we can go and use the stairs instead of the elevator. Apart from this, we can take walks and do daily exercises to increase our physical activity.

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