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Suggestions to protect spinal health during the Feast of Sacrifice;

Heavy lifting and working in the same position for a long time has a negative impact on the health of the back and neck. Back and neck hernias can occur as a result of heavy lifting and working in the same position for a long time during Eid al-Adha. Standing in the same position for a long time causes contraction of the neck muscles and neck stiffness. Staying in the same position for a long time while performing the procedures related to the victim causes both the old problems to become chronic and the emergence of new ones. Working in the same position can make an underlying disc problem symptomatic. For this reason, one should not work for hours in the same position, take a break and change positions in the meantime. Lifting should be done on the knees and perpendicular to the floor. The principle of lifting by sharing the load is not only important.

What should hernia patients pay attention to when sacrificing? What are your recommendations?

When loading the spine, one should try to get up by bending our knees and get up on the knees off the floor, with the waist straight. Improper loading at inappropriate angles creates increased and sudden pressure on the spine, muscles, ligaments and knees. This causes hernias, back stiffness or knee problems. Primarily pain that is seen with burning sensation in the waist and limitation of movement, pain that spreads down the hip and leg in the later period, and limitation of movement, gait disturbances and even sudden loss of strength as it progresses. Pain, which is usually ignored and tried to relieve with painkillers, can cause more serious problems in the future. For this reason, it is necessary to take care of the pain and consult a specialist doctor as soon as possible to determine whether the source of the pain is serious or not and to act consciously.

While the sacrifice is being slaughtered or the meat is being chopped, the working environment should also be ergonomic, i.e. it should not tilt the waist or neck. Our chair should not be too high or too low in relation to our table. A chair should be provided with a 90 degree angle between our knees and our feet and it should be at a height where you can work comfortably. During the holidays, we should pay attention to the health of our spine, not work by standing in the same position for a long time and not sitting for a long time. We must avoid overloading the waist and knees. A waist corset used while carrying or cutting the victim prevents you from making sudden movements and prevents you from developing low back pain or herniated disc. While carrying the sacrificial meat, it is necessary to distribute it evenly on both hands, and there are serious benefits in keeping it close to the body. When sitting and working, we should pay attention to positioning in suitable positions and make it a lifestyle.

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