Pay attention to the fluid intake of babies in the summer

Newborn babies are much more susceptible to dehydration or malnutrition, as more than 70 percent of their bodies are made up of water. If our babies experience low fluid intake or excessive fluid loss during this time, it can have dangerous results. We have to keep a close eye on our newborn babies during the summer period. If fluid loss occurs in babies, it can cause kidney failure and jaundice, which we do not want, that is, the bilirubin level in the blood is too high. Therefore, in the summer months, let’s pay more attention to mothers to dress their babies according to the season and feed our babies so that they do not lose moisture. Sugary water should be given to babies to avoid jaundice or gas. Microbes can be passed on to babies through water and they cause serious infections. Sugar also causes an increase in blood osmolarity.

This looks like a lack of moisture. Absolutely no sugar water should be given. Cutting nails shortens a baby’s life! Of course it doesn’t get any shorter, babies whose nails are cut before the age of forty are not thieves or cheeky. There is no set time to trim your nails. The right thing is to cut it when it crosses the baby’s nail bed. On the contrary, if the baby’s nails are not trimmed, the chances of self-harm are high. Tears can form in the retina, which can lead to vision loss. We also do not recommend using gloves as babies are busy exploring objects with their hands.”

Can babies be salted so they don’t smell sweat?

Newborn babies’ bodies are made up of 75% water and babies are more prone to fluid loss than adults. Salt consists of sodium and chlorine ions. A large amount of sodium enters the baby’s bloodstream, causing an increase in the level of sodium in the bloodstream, which is called hypernatremia in the blood. As a result, cerebral hemorrhage can be seen in babies. That’s why we shouldn’t salt our babies. A constipated baby needs to drink olive oil. We do not recommend any food for breastfed babies for the first six months, as it is not a source of infection, there is a risk of olive oil particles entering babies’ lungs, and it does not affect feeding. After starting complementary foods, olive oil can be added to foods.

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