Pay attention to the foods consumed in the morning at breakfast!

You’ve probably heard from someone at least once a month that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When most people wake up in the morning, they turn to coffee, yogurt products or fresh orange juice for breakfast. Unfortunately, very few people know what to eat and what not to eat on a completely empty stomach. Here are the foods that should never be on the breakfast table…


Tomatoes are packed with vitamin C and many other nutrients. However, since tomatoes contain tannic acid, you should not eat them on an empty stomach. This acid will lead to an increase in the amount of acid in your stomach, which can often cause painful stomach problems.

carbonated drinks
Many people believe that it is okay to drink soda at any time of the day. However, this is not recommended. Drinking soda without eating anything else can make your stomach very bloated. Even worse, you can increase the acid level in your stomach. The long-term effect of this is cancer of the esophagus. Erosion can also occur when the acid level in your stomach is too high.

Early in the morning, most people grab the first thing they see in the kitchen or at the dinner table, pop it in their mouth, and run out of the house. One of the easiest things to grab is a quick snack like puff pastry. Unfortunately, while they can make you feel full, they are not a good choice for your health.

Sugar can be very easy to digest, but going on an empty stomach prevents your body from secreting the insulin it needs to maintain necessary levels in your blood. When this happens, you can easily get eye problems. Even worse, sweets disrupt the acid and alkaline balance in your body. Therefore, avoid sweets altogether if you have diabetes or are at risk of developing diabetes.

Pears contain a large amount of crude fiber. If you eat on an empty stomach, you damage the delicate mucous membranes. This causes stomach upset. That is why it is advisable to eat at least double after eating, for example, oatmeal or other grains.

Herbs make your food taste and smell better. But in the morning, on an empty stomach, that’s not a good choice at all. This is because they easily cause stomach irritation, which later turns into cramps and even acidic reactions.


Yogurt contains a lot of lactic acid bacteria, which undoubtedly has many health benefits. However, lactic acid is neutralized on an empty stomach thanks to the amount of acid in your stomach. This kills the lactic acid bacteria found in such dairy products, leading to even more acidity. That’s why it’s best to eat your yogurt an hour or two after you’ve had a good meal.

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