Pay attention to the mistakes that make you gain weight during Eid al-Adha!

Pastries, desserts, chips, sorbet desserts, roasts… When the feast comes, the diet changes completely. This can also cause diseases. In the long or short term, it can cause sugar, heart, blood pressure and gastrointestinal problems. So, what should we do to spend a healthy vacation?

1) Overeating

Consuming qurban meat in excess and missing out on sweets and pastries both cause you to have health problems and gain weight. Therefore, try to be more controlled during this period instead of eating without limits. Try not to eat the treats and try to consume what you really want to eat with portion control. It will be healthier for you to be more controlled by only taking sweets instead of eating sugar and chocolates as a treat, or consuming meat only in one meal instead of morning and evening. If you are going to consume it continuously throughout the day, it is appropriate to divide the portion.

2) Excessive consumption of tea and coffee

During the party it is customary to drink tea and coffee everywhere one goes. Try to keep tea/coffee consumption under control, especially if you visit often or have many visitors. Excessive caffeine intake can cause complaints such as insomnia, anxiety, palpitations.

3) No drinking water

We can obtain the discipline of drinking water in the amount of water we set, at the hours we set, in the working condition. However, during the holidays, this situation can be in the background. Keep in mind that high-calorie diets require more fluids. Therefore, do not try to reduce your daily water consumption. Do not fall below 2 liters of water so that the body does not dry out and we do not get into trouble. Thirst; headache, constipation, high sugar, blood pressure. Also avoid carbonated drinks during this time. Instead, try to use liquid drinks such as ayran, kefir, soda.

4) Neglecting the vegetable

Excessive meat consumption during Eid al-Adha can cause you to neglect vegetables. To have a balanced diet, do not neglect the consumption of vegetables during this period. This will help you control your bowel movements and keep you feeling full for a long time. Remember that when meat consumption is intense, the balance of beneficial-harmful bacteria in the gut is disrupted. The food item that will reverse this situation is vegetables.

5) Being inactive during the holidays

While you normally move in a certain routine, exercising or staying completely inactive during the holidays will cause you to gain weight and threaten your health. high-calorie foods cholesterol

raises blood sugar and sugar levels, while exercise helps lower them. For this reason, it is beneficial for you not to interrupt or add the walks to your holiday routine.

6) Cooking meat over high heat

It causes the accumulation of carcinogens when cooking meat at high temperatures and for long periods of time. In addition, the vitamin and protein structure can be damaged. An incorrect cooking method can reduce the quality of the food and even make it harmful. For this reason, it is healthier to prefer cooking methods such as boiling, grilling, oven or sautéing rather than frying. Instead of using extra oil, it’s even more beneficial to cook the meat in its own fat.

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