Pay attention to the presence of recurrent headaches

Sinuses are the air spaces around the nose and eyes. As a result of inflammation of the sinuses, nasal congestion, facial and headache, decreased sense of smell, yellow-green runny nose, postnasal discharge, cough and sputum are found.

Nasal congestion may not always be present. If some sinuses are clogged, headaches may be the only symptom. Sometimes the first symptom may appear as eye swelling, meningitis, or brain abscess.

What Causes Sinusitis?

Structural causes in the nose, for example, the concha, enlarged nasal concha, swelling of the nasal concha, bone and cartilage curvature cause sinusitis, other than upper respiratory infections, allergic nasal discomfort, pressure change due to air travel, and adenoids. Sinusitis can develop due to reasons such as

Sinusitis causes nasal congestion, headache, feeling of fullness and pressure in the face, runny nose, cough, sputum, bad breath, snoring, weakness and fatigue, which harms patients’ quality of life more than blood pressure and diabetes.

Does going out with wet hair cause sinusitis?

Going out with wet hair or going out without drying hair after a shower causes sinusitis by playing a conductive role in transferring the heat from outside to the body in windy weather. Due to the increase of the edema in the mucosa, the mouth of the sinuses is blocked, and when the air and sinus fluids trapped in the sinus become infected with the effect of bacteria, headache, forehead and bilateral temple pain, pain spread to the teeth, palate and nose, post-nasal pain, forgetfulness and distraction can be seen.

How is sinusitis treated?

Acute sinusitis is treated safely and easily with medical treatment and chronic sinusitis with computer-assisted endoscopic sinus surgery.
When trying to treat sinusitis with alternative treatments, life-threatening methods should be avoided. Some methods, which are believed to be good for sinusitis in the humans, can have some vital consequences by causing edema in the larynx. Herbal treatments, which are thought to be good for sinusitis, can also be very risky because of their side effects.

What should be done to prevent sinusitis?

During acute upper respiratory infections, nasal and sinus congestion should be prevented by keeping the nose open with seawater and sprays.

Nasal allergy must be treated

Don’t go out with wet hair

Protect your head from the wind

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