Pay attention to these 2 minerals for a healthy Ramadan

During Ramadan, it is essential to eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids. As a result of prolonged hunger, the reduction in blood sugar brings with it diseases such as headaches, irritability and drowsiness. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to both adequate fluid intake and a balanced diet during Ramadan. Nutrition and diet specialist Melisa Karataş made healthy eating suggestions for iftar and sahur.

You should definitely stand up for sahur.

Dyt said that one of the conditions for spending the month of Ramadan in a healthy way is a healthy sahur meal. Melisa Karataş said, “Sahur is very important as it provides the nutritional and energy needs of the whole day. For a longer feeling of fullness during the day, foods containing protein such as eggs, cheese, milk and yogurt should be consumed with sahur. In addition to breakfast, foods such as soup, vegetable dishes and bulgur pilaf can also be consumed in sahur. Consumption of nuts such as hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds with meals can be supportive in terms of energy. As a drink, caffeinated drinks should be avoided, herbal teas and low-sugar compotes are preferable.

Iftar should start with soup and wait 15 minutes.

According to Dyt, the most enjoyable part of Ramadan is the delicious meals eaten at overcrowded tables. Melisa Karataş said: “However, eating fast and uncontrolled meals at these tables after prolonged hunger can lead to weight gain, sudden blood pressure and sugar spikes. For this reason, there are indispensable foodstuffs that should be kept at the iftar tables in order to spend Ramadan in a healthy way. The most important of these is water. The fast must be broken with water. Drinking water should not be too cold or too hot.

Dyt said one of the mistakes made in iftar is the desire to consume food quickly. Karataş continued his words as follows;

“To overcome this situation, it is necessary to drink a bowl of soup and wait 15 minutes after breaking the fast with iftar meals. It should be continued with grilled, boiled or baked red or white meat dishes, vegetable dishes, salad and yogurt instead of very fatty heavy meals. When eating pita bread in iftar, it should be remembered that 1 palm-sized pita bread contains about 50-70 calories, that is, it is equal to the calories of 1 slice of bread. Therefore, it is necessary to consume a certain amount of pita bread. Milky desserts are preferable to excessive sherbet and oily desserts in iftar, and the food should be consumed slowly and chewed well.

2 glasses of water should be consumed per hour

Recalling that it is very important to drink water intermittently to meet fluid needs in the process from iftar to sahur, Dyt said. Melisa Karataş said: “It is possible to close this gap by drinking 2 glasses of water every hour from iftar to sahur. Exercising after iftar helps prevent problems such as indigestion. To avoid intestinal problems that can be caused by the changing diet during Ramadan, foods with a high fiber content (such as wholemeal bread, bulgur, vegetable dishes), dried fruits (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.), fruits or dried fruits should be avoided. consumed between meals.

Pay attention to these 2 minerals for a healthy Ramadan!

Claiming that foods containing calcium both make for a more comfortable Ramadan and prevent osteoporosis, Dyt said. Melisa Karataş said: “Both iron and calcium are minerals with plus 2 valences. Therefore, their consumption together prevents the absorption of each other. Even if they are consumed at the same meal, you remove this obstacle a bit by keeping the amount of one less. If you want to drink buttermilk while eating red meat, limit it to 1 glass. A diet rich in iron prevents anemia. In this way, measures are taken to prevent problems such as weakness, fatigue and inability to wake up in the morning due to iron deficiency. If people with diabetes, heart and blood pressure patients, cancer patients, people with gastrointestinal ulcers, kidney failure or dialysis patients want to fast, a doctor’s permission must be sought,” he said.

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