Pay close attention to this against the risk of contamination in the earthquake area

Since patients with immunodeficiency are very susceptible to infections, creating a suitable accommodation and hygienic environment is much more important than for other patient groups. Member of the Turkish National Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Prof. dr. Dr. Elif Karakoç warned about the problem.

“Additional measures should be taken for access to clean drinking water, appropriate shelter, waste management, isolation”

Noting that infections may temporarily increase due to inappropriate living conditions after the earthquake, Karakoç said: “Since immunocompromised patients are much more susceptible to infection than other individuals, recommendations for sanitation and hygiene should be given attention at the highest possible level.

It is also vital to take additional measures for access to clean drinking water, appropriate shelter, waste management and isolation to reduce the risk of infection. In addition, attention to the use of masks and hand cleaning in every environment plays a preventive role in preventing diseases.”
“Doctors and patients need to communicate with each other constantly to access medicines”

Furthermore, “It is normal that our patients’ treatment and follow-ups are disrupted in the first days after the earthquake, but it is vital that they continue their medication and doctor’s checks as soon as possible,” Karakoç said, adding: If this is not possible, they should notify the mobile health teams, if this is not possible, the health facilities or field hospitals and are advised to submit an application for the drugs they use. Access to immunoglobulin preparations, which are used by many patients with primary immunodeficiency and are very important in the prevention of infections is essential.As these products have special prescribing, storage and application conditions, if these cannot be provided, patients should be referred to appropriate centers to disruption and continuity of treatment.In the current situation, the rapporta term extended and there is no statute of limitations.”

“They must be referred to an appropriate center”

Karakoç stated that if there is any complaint or symptom that he or she has an infection, the patient with immunodeficiency should reach the nearest health team and ask for referral to the appropriate center. Our earthquake victims must turn to the Provincial/District/Hospital Service in person or through their doctors to get support, including all family members, according to their needs in the city and/or hospital to which they have been referred. ”

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