Pencil Skirt Trend | Model types and combination suggestions

Pencil skirts, which were a train last season, have taken their place in the showcases this season. Pencil skirt is one of the pieces used in every season and every season. Pencil skirts, the leaders of women’s sense of elegance, are one of the most used skirt models this season.

What is a pencil skirt?

The pencil skirt trend has become quite popular in the fashion world in recent years. As the name suggests, these skirts, designed in the shape of a pencil, create a feminine look by making the body lines clear. Pencil skirts are a piece of clothing that can be worn comfortably for both business and everyday life.

Pencil skirts usually have a cut that starts at the waist, ends at the knee and wraps around the body lines. Fabric options include various materials such as wool, cotton, satin, velvet and leather. The most preferred colors for pencil skirts are black, gray, brown, navy blue and white. But pencil skirts in pastel shades have also been very popular lately.

Pencil skirt history

pencil skirt

Pencil skirts date back to the 1950s. At that time, women used pencil skirts in business. However, in recent years, pencil skirts have been adopted by a wide audience with their modern designs and different fabric options. Pencil skirts are a piece of clothing that can have both a classic and a modern style.

Pencil skirts can be combined in different styles. You can create a classic style with a blouse or shirt, and you can catch a more modern style with a t-shirt or sweatshirt. In addition, pencil skirts can be combined with different shoe options. While creating a more feminine look with high heels, a more comfortable style can be achieved with sneakers.

Pencil skirt models and types

pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are a popular piece of clothing in both business and everyday life. It creates a feminine look with its cut that generally starts at hip height, ends at knee height and wraps around the body. Pencil skirt models show a wide variety with different fabric, pattern and color options.

1. Classic pencil skirt

It is the most common model of pencil skirt. It is preferred in classic colors such as black, gray, brown and navy blue. It usually has a high waist and knee-length cut. Classic pencil skirts are an ideal choice for business wear.

2. Pencil skirt with buttons

Pencil skirts decorated with button details are one of the trends of recent years. Buttons at the waist or along the hem give the skirt a different flair. Buttoned pencil skirts, which are preferred over hard fabrics such as linen or denim, are ideal for a more casual look.

3. Pencil skirt with ruffles

Lace details give pencil skirts a feminine flair. Lace details at the waist or hem give the skirt a romantic atmosphere. Lace pencil skirts are ideal for special occasions.

4. Patterned pencil skirt

Floral, geometric or ethnic patterns give pencil skirts a different vibe. Patterned pencil skirts are especially preferred in summer for their colorful and vibrant look.

5. Leather pencil skirt

Leather is one of the popular fabrics used in pencil skirts. Leather pencil skirts, which are preferred in dark colors such as black, brown and burgundy, provide both a classic and modern look. Leather pencil skirts are ideal for nightlife use.

Combinations of pencil skirts and style suggestions

pencil skirt

Pencil skirts can be used with different combinations in both business and everyday life. You can get a stylish and classy look by choosing a top, shoes and accessories that are suitable for your pencil skirts. Here are the combinations and style suggestions of pencil skirts:

Combination with shirt

Pencil skirts are a classic combination with shirts. You can accentuate your waist by tucking your shirt into your pencil skirt. With your black pencil skirt, a white shirt and black heels you prepare for a stylish job interview.

Combination with blouse

You accentuate your waist by choosing a blouse that matches your pencil skirt. You can prepare for an elegant invitation with your red pencil skirt, white blouse and black heels.

Combine with T-Shirt

Pencil skirts can create a more casual look with T-shirts. You can emphasize your waist by choosing a t-shirt that matches the color of your pencil skirt. You create a stylish look in everyday life with your blue pencil skirt, a white t-shirt and white sneakers.

Combine with Jacket

You can create a stylish combination by choosing a jacket that matches the color of your pencil skirt. With your black pencil skirt you can look stylish in business with a white shirt, a black blazer jacket and black heels.

Selection of shoes and accessories

It’s also important to choose shoes and accessories that match the style of your pencil skirt. Heeled shoes are a harmonious choice with pencil skirts. Flat-soled shoes can be used for a more comfortable combination. A stylish necklace, earrings or bracelet complete your outfit.

Seasonal changes and trends of pencil skirts

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Pencil skirts are revised every season with different trends and changing styles. That’s why it can be a good idea to follow the pencil skirt trends, refresh your wardrobe and update your style. Here are the seasonal changes and trends of pencil skirts:

Summer pencil skirts

The most popular pencil skirt trends of the summer are skirts with floral designs, neon colors and light fabrics. Colorful patterned pencil skirts can add color to summer combinations. Lightweight fabric skirts provide a comfortable wear in hot weather. You can energize your style by choosing more vibrant colors in the summer months.

Autumn pencil skirts

Popular pencil skirt trends for fall include leather pencil skirts, crowbar pencil skirts and midi pencil skirts. Leather pencil skirts provide warmth in the cold autumn weather. Pencil skirts with crowbar pattern are a classic part of fall. Midi pencil skirts add a sophisticated look to fall outfits.

Winter pencil skirts

The most popular pencil skirt trends for winter are velvet pencil skirts, pleated pencil skirts and short pencil skirts. Velvet pencil skirts give a stylish touch to winter combinations. Pleated pencil skirts, on the other hand, create a vibrant and youthful style. Short pencil skirts, combined with thick socks, keep you warm and ensure a stylish look.

Spring pencil skirts

Popular pencil skirt trends for spring include striped pencil skirts, gingham pencil skirts and pastel colored pencil skirts. Striped pencil skirts add a classic look to spring combinations. Gingham patterned pencil skirts, on the other hand, reflect the young and dynamic spirit of spring. Pastel colored pencil skirts are a suitable choice for the vibrant and joyful spirit of spring.

What sizes are pencil skirts suitable for?

Pencil skirts fit any size, depending on body type. Tall women can easily wear midi pencil skirts while shorter women can opt for mini pencil skirts. Pencil skirts create a slim and long look, so they are an ideal choice for women with wide hips.

How do you wear pencil skirts?

Pencil skirts can be worn in many different combinations. For example, you can combine your pencil skirt with a blouse and high heels for a stylish business look. For a more casual style, pair your pencil skirt with a T-shirt and sneakers.

How often should pencil skirts be worn?

Pencil skirts, like any fashion trend, should not be worn all the time. Instead, it should be worn at certain intervals or for special occasions. Pencil skirts are the perfect choice for special occasions such as business meetings, special occasions or formal events.

What colors are pencil skirts available in?

Pencil skirts are available in different colors. Basic colors such as black, grey, navy blue and brown can be worn and combined well in all seasons. However, pencil skirts also come in different colors that are fashionable every season. For example, pastel shades are popular in the summer season, while darker shades are preferred in the winter season.

Which shoes are preferable for pencil skirts?

Heeled shoes are the ideal choice for pencil skirts. High-heeled shoes create a stylish look by making your pencil skirt longer and thinner. However, sneakers can also be combined with pencil skirts. Such combinations create a stylish look and at the same time create a relaxed style.

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