Personal care warnings for healthy living

Specialist in the field of child health and diseases. dr. Wonderful Sönmez gave information about the hygiene rules for a healthy life. Expressing that all practices and measures taken to protect against environments that negatively affect health are called hygiene. Dr. Sönmez said: “Personal care, cleanliness and hygiene are the most important conditions for staying healthy. Personal hygiene is the personal care procedures that the person adopts to maintain their own health and not to spoil it. To maintain our health, our hair, body, mouth and teeth should be cleaned regularly and clothes should be washed regularly. Hygiene removes microorganisms from our body. So we are clean and healthy. It allows the person to relax and rest. It removes bad odors (sweat smell) in the body.

“Washing hands is the most effective way to prevent illness”

Dr. Dr. Sönmez said: “We should hold our hands for at least 10 seconds before and after going to the toilet, before and after touching food, before and after eating, after petting animals, after touching dirty or possibly dirty objects, after playing games, after school and after coughing and sneezing we have to wash. Especially with diseases such as flu, we should carry a handkerchief with us and cover our mouth when coughing.

“Pay attention to hair cleaning”

Note that it is necessary to brush the teeth 3 times a day, Uzm. Dr Sönmez said: “When the bristles are worn out, the toothbrush needs to be replaced. Toothpaste should be used the size of a pea. Fingernails should be trimmed short and round once a week. Nails need to be cleaned very well. Everyone should have their own nail clipper. Feet should be washed regularly every day. If not washed; unpleasant odors, fungal disease. Foot and hand towels must be separated. Taking a bath with warm water and soap to cleanse the skin and remove germs is called skin hygiene. If possible, bathing should be done 3 times a week, if not every day, or at least once a week. Combing, brushing, massaging with the fingertips nourishes and beautifies the hair. If we do not pay attention to cleaning the hair, lice can settle. Head lice settle on the scalp of the human body and can infect those around us.

“We must give importance to personal hygiene”

Underlining that every individual should give importance to personal hygiene, Uzm. Dr Sönmez said: “We should not forget to wash the socks we wear to school every day and wipe our shoes. We have to change when we come home from school. We should definitely put on our pajamas before going to bed.”

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