Philips BHA530/00 Hair Styler Features and Reviews

Hair styling in your daily grooming routine is important to complete your style and boost your confidence. The Philips BHA530/00 hair styler is also specially designed to give your hair the desired shape and look. This hair styler; With its even heat distribution, ceramic argan oil and 4 times more ionic care technology, it provides maximum protection to your hair and helps you get healthy, shiny hair. We have included all the details about Philips BHA530/00 in this content for you.

Philips BHA530/00 Specifications

power 1000W
Speed ​​adjustment 3
Heat setting 3
Weight Not specified
Ion function There is
Number of devices 5
Thermobrush 38mm

Philips BHA530/00 Hair styler

A practical hair styler in a fast and busy life is the ideal choice for every woman. Philips BHA530/00 has managed to satisfy many of its users with exactly these features. The product, which allows you to easily create any hairstyle, is also notable for its stylish appearance.

Here are all the details about the Philips BHA530/00 hair styler:

Philips BHA530/00 Specifications

  • 1000 watts of power
  • 38mm Thermo Brush Head
  • 5 different styling attachments
  • 2 meter power cord
  • 4-fold ionic property
  • 3 different heat and speed settings
  • Even heat distribution function
  • ceramic argan oil

Philips BHA530/00 Heat and temperature setting

Heat setting 3
Speed ​​adjustment 3
power 1000W

The Philips BHA530/00 curling iron offers three different heat and speed settings for customizable styling. The product allows you to choose the right temperature setting according to your hair type and hair structure and also offers more protection to your hair by preventing overheating with the “care” setting. In this way, the hair styling process can be carried out in a healthier way.

Philips BHA530/00 Design

Philips BHA530/00

Philips BHA530/00 hair styler offers a comfortable use with its black color and ergonomic structure. Supported by 5 different styling heads, the product also allows you to easily adjust the temperature and speed via the buttons. The storage bag, which both increases portability and provides convenient storage, is just one of the practicalities the product offers its users.

Philips BHA530/00 Performance

Philips BHA530/00

Philips BHA530/00 hair styler, with support of even heat distribution technology, prevents your hair from overheating and makes your hair look healthier. In addition, ceramic argan oil and 4 times more negative ions make your hair smooth and shiny, while providing healthier and more effective styling. At the same time, thanks to its 1000 W power, the fork can heat up and be ready to use in just a few seconds.

Head dimensions Philips BHA530/00

Thermobrush 38mm
Scrub brush 30mm

Philips BHA530/00, which stands out with its 38 mm ThermoBrush head and 30 mm scrub brush, helps you achieve natural and long-lasting curls. The versatile design of the brushes also simplifies the hair styling process and makes it easy to travel with. In this way, it is possible to reflect your style by taking it with you wherever you go.

Philips BHA530/00 Benefits

The Philips BHA530/00 hair styler comes with five different styling attachments. This allows users to do their hair in different ways. The hair styler’s even heat distribution technology also prevents the hair from overheating and makes it look healthy and shiny. It also uses negative ions to revitalize hair. These ions eliminate static electricity in the hair revealing a more ideal look. Three different heat and speed settings also give users flexibility for precise styling. The cold air setting, on the other hand, manages to satisfy its users in terms of gentle drying and fixing. This designer; It also helps you achieve any style easily thanks to the different nozzles, such as a tapered drying nozzle, a nozzle specially designed for voluminous hair follicles, a pallet straightening brush, an adjustable 30mm stiff brush and a 38mm ThermoBrush.

Philips BHA530/00

Disadvantages of Philips BHA530/00

The Philips BHA530/00 hair styler also has some drawbacks. Among them, it can be said that the use of high temperatures can damage the hair. However, it can be a bit expensive compared to other hair styling tools in terms of price. Considering its size and accessories, it might be a bit bulky to take on a trip.

Philips BHA530/00 User Reviews

Philips BHA530/00

Here are the positive and negative comments from Philips BHA530/00 users:

💬 We bought it together with my friend, we are very satisfied, it does not tire the hair and gives volume, it remains voluminous until the next day, thank you.

💬 I bought it for my wife, she is very satisfied, it takes some heat, but I definitely recommend it because it is a f/p product and it is Philips!

💬 An excellent product, quality brand with peace of mind. A big difference from Philips… Girls, I recommend it.

💬 I apply it on wet hair, it naturally straightens it while drying, it is very useful in a short time with the drying comb device, I use it with pleasure. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about it.

💬 A product with a light sound that does not break the hair. I think it’s very useful. It has a simple usage. It is a product that anyone can easily use. Number ten without compromising the quality of Philips.

💬 I bought it as a gift for my aunt, she liked it very much. Her extremely curly hair is straight. It’s a real savior product, a complete value for money product, I’m really glad I bought it.

💬 A great product. It gives an incredibly beautiful and natural shape to my hair, now I think I can use it every day.

💬 Excellent quality product I like it very much. It quickly gives a blow-dried look.

💬 Although my hair is shoulder length and thin, I was hoping for curls, I even agreed to a wave, but the result is straight hair with a lot of electrification and effort to get rid of the brush that gets caught in my hair..

💬 I bought this product because I trust the brand, I have been using the hair dryer for years, I am very satisfied, but I am not at all satisfied with this product, the temperature is too low even on the last level, styling is a problem, so I had to send it back.

Scoring and rating

Philips BHA530/00 is a product with many functions suitable for different hairstyles. The product, which has an even heat distribution, ionic care, flexible heat and speed adjustment and different attachments, helps you style your hair according to your own preferences. However, using it at high temperatures can damage the hair and can be a bit expensive in terms of price compared to other hair styling tools. Taking all these features into account, our score for this versatile hair styler will be a 7 out of 10.

In this section of our content, we answer frequently asked questions about the Philips BHA530/00 hair styler.

How do I clean the Philips BHA530/00 hair styler?

You can easily clean the Philips BHA530/00 hair styler plates after the product has cooled down with a soft cloth or brush. It is also advisable to keep the plates clean by regularly wiping them with a damp cloth.

How hot does the Philips BHA530/00 hair styler get?

The Philips BHA530/00 hair styler can heat up to 200 degrees. So it does not fail to provide you with a strong and appropriate performance.

For which hair types is the Philips BHA530/00 hair styler suitable?

The Philips BHA530/00 hair styler is suitable for all hair types. You can use this product if you have thin or thick hair. It can also help you whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight.

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