Philips BHD300/10 Features and user reviews

Hair care is an important topic for both men and women. It is important that the hair looks healthy and shiny, for a sense of confidence and aesthetics. The Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer is a high-tech device designed for healthy hair. This machine is equipped with ThermoProtect technology and uses a combination of hot and cold air for daily maintenance. For more information about the features of the Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer, we recommend that you take a look at this content.

Features of the Philips 3000 Series BHD300/10

power 1600W
Speed ​​adjustment 3
Heat setting 3

Philips BHD300/10 Hairdryer

Although the Philips BHD300/10 offers a minimalist appearance with its white color, it also manages to satisfy its users with its performance. Manufactured using advanced technology, this hair dryer proves to be an ideal choice in terms of use, thanks to its design that allows adjustment of speed and temperature.

Here are all the details about the Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer:

Philips BHD300/10 Specifications

  • 1600 watts of power
  • DC motor technology
  • Power cord of 1.8 meters
  • ThermoProtect function
  • blow cold air
  • 3-stage heat setting
  • 3 speeds
  • Compact and modern design

Philips BHD300/10 Temperature and speed control

Heat setting 3
Speed ​​adjustment 3
power 1600W

The Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer offers 3 different heat and 3 speed settings. This way you can achieve perfect results by choosing the speed and heat that suit your hair. You can also style and fix your hair with the cool air setting. This way your hair is prevented from getting damaged and your hair care routine is enriched by keeping it healthy.

Philips BHD300/10 Design

Philips BHD300/10

Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer has an ergonomic design that attracts attention thanks to its soft color. The product, which stands out for its light and compact dimensions, is also easy to carry and use. It is also supported by the thin head, allowing for detailed hair styling.

Philips BHD300/10 heads

ThermoProtect device An
Thin head An

With the Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer you can give professional finishing touches thanks to the thin head of 14 mm. This makes it easy for you to do detailed styling of your hair. In addition, the ThermoProtect cap is designed to help you dry your hair quickly.

Philips BHD300/10 Performance

Philips BHD300/10

The Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer has a drying power of 1600 W and delivers excellent results every day with optimal airflow. The product, which offers long-lasting use with its AC motor, can accompany you everywhere thanks to its durability.

Philips BHD300/10 Format

Height 23cm
Width 31.4cm
Depth 10.4 cm

The Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer is 23 cm high, 31.4 cm wide and 10.4 cm deep. These dimensions make it easy to take the device with you on a trip. Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer offers ease of use with its light and compact size.

Philips BHD300/10 Benefits

The Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer has many advantages. Firstly, the device has a power of 1600 W, which allows you to dry your hair quickly and easily. Second, the ThermoProtect cap lowers the temperature by 10°C and mixes hot and cold for daily care while continuing to dry your hair quickly. This prevents your hair from getting damaged and helps your hair look healthier. It also makes your hair quick and easy to style with its 3 speeds and heat functions. With the cold air setting you can style and fix your hair as desired. The slim head makes your work easier by concentrating the air for fast finishes and perfecting small details.

Philips BHD300/10 Disadvantages

The Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer also has its drawbacks. First of all, the heating function of the device is not high enough. Another disadvantage is that the cable length of the device is on the short side at 1.8 meters. Therefore, when using the device, move to a place near the power outlet.

Philips BHD300/10 User Reviews

Philips BHD300/10

Here are the positive and negative reviews from Philips BHD300/10 users:

💬 It has 3 levels, cold, hot, light, very hot, strong, I like the drying performance, I would recommend it, the size is not as small as it seems.

💬 Bought for my dowry and it’s just amazing. It has a very soft texture. The sound does not disturb much like a normal hair dryer. I recommend it to anyone thinking of buying, the packaging was nice.

💬 We are very happy as a curly hair family. Our previous machine burned and dried our hair. After this machine, our hair remains in more natural curls. And it’s not rising. One of the reasons I chose it was the design.

💬 It works silently, it doesn’t blow hot enough to damage hair, so I like it.

💬 It’s a nice product, the price is reasonable, I think the quality is enough for daily use, thank you.

💬 The sound I bought for my dowry is normal, no excessive sound. I think it’s enough for the day.

💬 A very nice hair dryer. I bought it 5 months ago. I am satisfied, now I will also buy it for my mother. It is very nice to blow dry, it does not burn your hair and you do not suffer from it.

💬 It’s beautiful. We are happy as a family. Quiet, doesn’t give off enough heat to hurt. enough for us. The price is also affordable. We liked. We thank you.

💬 Don’t expect too much, it’s good for the price, visually good, but the functionality is low.

💬 We found it a bit rough, lower quality than I expected. Also the sound is too loud, I am not satisfied.

Scoring and rating

The Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer is a device that offers an excellent blow-drying experience. With the ThermoProtect attachment, it continues to dry your hair quickly, lowers the temperature and powerfully mixes hot and cold air for daily care. This makes your hair look healthier. 3 pre-selected speed and heat settings also make styling quick and easy. The cold air setting also helps you get the support of cold air to style and set your hair. Our score for this product, which has received full marks from its users in terms of functionality and appearance, will be an 8 out of 10.

In this part of our content, we answer frequently asked questions about the Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer.

How many watts is the Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer?

Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer is a 1600 watt product. In this way, the drying time of your hair is significantly reduced.

How much does the Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer cost?

The price of the Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer may vary depending on the stores, websites and regions where the product is sold. Overall, however, we can say that it has a mid-range price. You can easily reach the most affordable prices through the links in our content.

How many speed settings and how many temperature settings does the Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer offer?

The Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer offers 3 different speeds and 3 different temperature settings.

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