Philips BHD510 Features and Reviews

Hair care is always important. Regular care is necessary to keep your hair healthy, strong and shiny. That’s why the Philips BHD510/00 hair dryer offers you the functions you need. This product makes drying your hair more enjoyable and stress-free thanks to ThermoShield technology for superior heat protection, powerful motor, heat and speed adjustment, cold air blowing and thin nozzle. When you’re ready, let’s take a look at all the details about the Philips 5000 Series BHD510/00 hair dryer.

Philips BHD510/00 5000 series features

power 2300W
Speed ​​adjustment 2
Heat setting 3

Philips BHD510/00 5000 Series Hair Dryer

The Philips BHD510/00 hair dryer offers an excellent drying experience with ThermoShield technology, powerful motor, ionic care and precise control options. Its compact dimensions and ease of use make it stand out as a hair dryer preferred by users.

Here are all the details about the Philips 5000 Series BHD510/00 hair dryer:

Philips 5000 Series BHD510/00 Specifications

  • 2300 W drying power
  • DC motor function
  • Blue and metallic color
  • 6 heat and speed settings
  • ThermoShield technology
  • 1.8 meter power cord
  • Volume diffuser function
  • compact design

Philips BHD510/00 5000 series Heat and temperature setting

Heat setting 3
Speed ​​adjustment 2
power 2300W

The Philips BHD510/00 hair dryer comes with 3 different heat settings and 2 speed settings, so you can choose the most suitable setting according to your hair’s needs. It also has a Cold Air Blow function, which allows you to quickly style and fix your hair with cold air. 6 different settings manage to surprise you by providing precise control for personalized styling.

Philips BHD510/00 5000 series design

Philips BHD510/00 5000 series

The Philips BHD510/00 is finished in a stylish blue metallic color. In this way it offers a modern look. The compact design makes it easy to carry and easy to use. In addition, the cable length of 1.8 meters ensures freedom of movement while you care for your hair.

Philips BHD510/00 5000 series heads

Thin head An
Volume diffuser An

The Philips BHD510/00 is powered by a 11mm thin head and volume diffuser. The thin head is ideal for finishing touches and detailed styling. The volume diffuser is the right choice for those who want to give volume and fullness to their hair. Adding natural waves to your hair can also reduce the time you spend on hair care.

Philips BHD510/00 5000 Series Performance

Philips BHD510/00 5000 series

The Philips BHD510/00 is equipped with a 2300 W motor and produces air at up to 110 km per hour. So while allowing the hair to dry quickly, it also manages to please you at the time of styling. In addition, the ThermoShield technology detects overheating and effectively regulates the air temperature. This way it protects your hair from damage due to overheating and ensures safe use.

Advantages of the Philips BHD510/00 5000 series

One of the main benefits of the Philips BHD510/00 hair dryer is that it offers superior heat protection with ThermoShield technology. In addition, the 4-way ionic treatment helps you get shiny and electrified hair. 6 different heat and speed settings give you full control for personalized styling. The Cold Blow button provides an intense stream of cool air and can be used for hold after styling.

Disadvantages of the Philips BHD510/00 5000 series

Some users may find the Philips BHD510/00 too noisy. In addition, several users have expressed concerns that the headers can sometimes become loose. One of the disadvantages of the Philips BHD510/00 hair dryer can be a high noise level due to the high power consumption. In addition, the thin head may be difficult to use for some users, and the placement of the volume diffuser may be difficult for users.

Philips BHD510/00 User Reviews

Philips BHD510/00

Here are the positive and negative comments from Philips 5000 Series BHD510/00 users:

💬Philips products are a brand that can be used blindly. I have chosen the product for vigosu and I am very satisfied. When I use it, it does not give a temperature that will burn the scalp, it is at the ideal temperature. The volume is too low even when using the turbo mode. I would say it is a quiet device. You can buy and use it without any problem. I advise.

💬 It dried my hair quickly without burning it. My hair got very hot in the blow dryers. But it didn’t get hot with this machine. The device has 3 stages and turbo option. I love.

💬 Our previous hair dryer was also Philips. We bought this when it broke after 10 years. It turned out pretty well, it doesn’t make the hair frizzy, it’s like you applied conditioner. It says in the descriptions that there are 2 speeds and 3 heat settings.

💬 First of all, the product design, the color is great, I like it very much. I can say that the drying heat and air force also cut my good drying time in half. Lightweight and handy product.

💬 It’s been a few months since I used it. We haven’t had any problems so far. The volume is a bit loud but acceptable.

💬 It is a very handy, high quality hair dryer, it is very powerful, it brings the hair to the desired dryness in 2-3 minutes, my wife is very satisfied, I recommend it.

💬 I am so glad I bought it. It’s not too noisy. It dries quickly without fraying.

💬 Really good. Our previous hair dryer was Philips, we used it for 6 years and my mother still uses it.

💬 It’s not strong, you can’t blow dry it could have been stronger, I think it didn’t work out. When it works in the normal button position it doesn’t dry enough and the hair dryer isn’t a little better in the turbo mode either, but I don’t think it’s enough.

💬 There should have been another step between turbo and normal. It is extremely powerful and makes a lot of noise when you turn on the turbo. It’s like it doesn’t dry at all when you turn off the turbo. It is announced to those who will use it in the early hours. It makes a very loud whistling sound on the turbo.

Scoring and rating

The Philips BHD510/00 5000 series hair dryer attracts the attention of its users with its modern and stylish design and its striking color. The product offers great ease of use and opens the door to a quiet and comfortable blow-drying experience thanks to the ThermoShield technology. At the same time, it produces an air speed of up to 110 km per hour, which plays an important role in shortening the drying process. The rating we give to this functional hair dryer is an 8 out of 10.

In this part of our content, we answer frequently asked questions about the Philips 5000 Series BHD510/00 hair dryer.

How many watts does the Philips BHD510/00 hair dryer run on?

The Philips BHD510/00 hair dryer works with 2300 W power. This way you can dry your hair faster and healthier.

What is ThermoShield Technology?

The ThermoShield technology protects your hair from damage due to overheating thanks to the overheating detection sensor. This technology effectively optimizes and controls the air temperature, allowing you to dry your hair stress-free. The Philips BHD510/00 hair dryer has ThermoShield technology and you just need to turn it on to use this function.

What are the features of the Philips BHD510/00 hairdryer?

The Philips BHD510/00 hair dryer protects your hair against damage caused by overheating thanks to ThermoShield technology. Thanks to the powerful motor, the airflow is also faster and stronger, so your hair dries faster. Ionic conditioning technology is ideal for shiny and frizz-free hair. Six different heat and speed settings provide precise control for personalized styling. The cold air button is a function that you can use to fix your hairstyle.

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