Philips PSG8130/80 Features and Reviews – Review

Hello friends! Today we will tell you about an iron with OptimalTEMP technology and explain how this iron ensures that it does not pose a risk of burns. Thanks to OptimalTEMP technology, the Philips PSG8130/80 steam generator never causes burns on non-ironable fabrics. So you can safely leave the iron on your clothes or on your ironing board. Now that we don’t have to worry about my clothes burning, you can definitely check out this content.

Review Philips PSG8130/80 Steam Generator Iron

power 2700 watts
Weight 4.9 kg
Vapor pressure 170gr/min
Shock Vapor Pressure 700 grams
Water reservoir 1800ml

Philips PSG8130/80 Specifications

  • 2700 watts of power
  • automatic steam technology
  • 0.85 kg iron weight
  • SteamGlide Elite Sole Feature
  • Support up to 700 grams of steam boost
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Removable water tank
  • 1800ml water tank capacity

If you’re looking for an iron that makes your life easier, the Philips PSG8130/80 is for you! Thanks to the 2700 watts of power, it makes ironing faster and easier. Thanks to the automatic steam technology, you achieve the best results by automatically adjusting the ideal steam setting to the type of fabric you want to iron.

This iron is extremely light and comfortable and weighs only 0.85 kg. Thanks to the SteamGlide Elite soleplate, you can iron your fabrics with minimal friction and easy gliding. In addition, thanks to the maximum steam burst of 700 grams, you can easily open the creases.

With the stylish and modern design of the iron, it also looks great on your ironing board. Thanks to the removable water tank and the water capacity of 1800 ml, you can continue ironing without being disturbed.

Make ironing fun with the Philips PSG8130/80 iron and realize that your life just got easier! Plus, with a 2-year worldwide warranty,

Philips PSG8130/8 Wrinkle reduction

The Philips PSG8130/80 iron provides you with powerful steam to fight wrinkles! Even the most stubborn creases on the thickest fabrics are effectively removed, while the ultra-lightweight design glides easily to relieve wrist strain. With a weight of only 800 grams, even vertical steaming of curtains and hanging clothes is easy! With a maximum pressure of 8.5 bar, 2700 W of power and a maximum steam boost of 700 g, it is now much easier to overcome difficult creases! In addition, the continuous steam capacity can be set to a maximum of 170 g/minute. The Philips PSG8130/80 iron is one of the best choices for keeping your everyday clothes and home textiles looking smooth and flawless.

Philips PSG8130/8 Steam pressure

Philips PSG8130/80

With a steam boost of up to 700 g, the Philips PSG8130/8 immediately removes even the most stubborn creases. It offers an efficient ironing experience of up to 170 g per minute with its continuous steam. Thanks to these powerful properties you can achieve excellent results on all types of fabrics.

The Philips PSG8130/80 iron offers faster and easier ironing thanks to the speed mode that automatically adjusts the amount of steam to your ironing speed. Thanks to the new motion sensor that detects when you move over your clothes, your iron automatically gives you powerful steam, making ironing effortless. In addition, with the 2nd generation Intelligent Auto Steam technology, the iron adjusts the amount of steam itself, making your ironing smarter and easier.

Philips PSG8130/80 Water tank

Philips PSG8130/80

The Philips PSG8130/80 steam generator is safe for all ironable fabrics and just as easy to use. The capacity of the water tank of this iron, which has a heating time of only 2 minutes, is 1800 ml. Moreover, thanks to the removable water tank, you can easily refill the water. Thanks to the low water warning, you will be warned before you run out of water. During ironing you can refill water whenever you want and use tap water during filling. Thanks to the SteamGlide Elite soleplate function, the Philips PSG8130/80 iron, which can easily remove even the toughest creases, will be your best assistant to make your life easier!

Philips PSG8130/8 CalcClean

Philips PSG8130/80

The Philips PSG8130/80 iron is equipped with Easy De-Calc Plus to prevent and clean limescale. Plus, thanks to the Calc Clean reminder, it reminds you to clean your iron when the time comes. Equipped with light and audible warnings, these features make your ironing process more enjoyable and hassle-free. You no longer have to worry about calcification or maintenance of your iron, with the Philips PSG8130/80 it’s all easy and hassle-free.

Philips PSG8130/80 Size and weight

The Philips PerfectCare 8000 series, with dimensions of 47.5 cm wide, 28.8 cm high and 22.9 cm long, takes up little space and offers ease of use. The Philips PSG8130/80 iron is extremely light and easy to use, weighing only 0.85 kg. It has a solid structure thanks to the iron and the weight of the soleplate of 4.9 kg. The safe carrying lock of this iron, which is also very comfortable and user-friendly to wear, ensures that the risk of sole contact is eliminated.

Philips PSG8130/80 User Reviews

Philips PSG8130/80

👤 The steam pressure of the iron is so high that it even opens creased cotton fabrics within minutes. Philips irons are truly number one in this industry. A plus is that tap water can be used. There is already a lime collector at the bottom, which gives an audible warning when the lime is full and can be easily cleaned. I was very satisfied.

👤The biggest factor when buying the product was that it had a pressure of 8.5 bar and a water tank of 1.8 liters. Because the water tank of my previous iron was small and I had to refill water regularly during ironing. The iron heats up in 2 minutes and gives an audible signal when it is ready. The pressure is so good that it opens even the most difficult wrinkles in one go. You can easily iron fabrics such as curtains by using the iron vertically. Because it knows the fabric itself, I can easily iron any fabric without adjusting the heat. Yes, I recommend this product

👤 The quality of the iron is reflected in its lightness and performance. Having a high steam power and a non-scalding guarantee is also an extra pleasant situation. My product arrived unharmed. Since the boxing method was very accurate, there was no chance of damage. I would never use any other brand.

👤 I report it as an instant test. I think there are no wrinkles that the steam power of the iron cannot open. In the automatic steam setting, your thumbs no longer get stuck when the ironing is done.

👤 The iron is very light and very handy, being able to iron vertically at the same time is very nice. There is no risk of burns. Being able to use tap water is one of the nice features, also the shock steam function is very nice. At the same time, the size of the water tank is good enough, it is a nice iron in every way.

Our final decision

Philips PSG8130/80

Definitely one of the best irons I’ve ever tried is the Philips PSG8130/80. Especially thanks to the anti-calc and cleaning functions, ironing becomes much easier and effortless. In addition, the steam boost of 700 grams and the continuous steam function of 170 g/minute ensure that even the most stubborn creases are easily opened. Ironing becomes a pleasant experience as the sole is also quite smooth. Moreover, since the iron weighs only 0.85 kg, I do not get tired even during long ironing processes. I would definitely recommend it, chores have become much more fun for me.

In this part of our content we have included frequently asked questions about the Philips PSG8130/80 steam generator.

What is the steam pressure of the Philips PSG8130/80?

Philips PSG8130/80 has a powerful steam power with a shock steam pressure of up to 700 grams and a continuous steam production of 170 g/minute.

What is the descaling and cleaning function of the Philips PSG8130/80?

hilips PSG8130/80 has a special anti-calc and cleaning technology called Easy De-Calc Plus. This function improves the performance of your iron by reducing the build-up of limescale and prolongs the life of your iron.

How does the Philips PSG8130/80 Calc Clean reminder work?

The Calc-Clean reminder is designed to regularly remove calc deposits from your iron. The iron reminds you after a certain time of the descaling process with the Calc-Clean reminder. This function allows your iron to work efficiently for longer.

How does the Philips PSG8130/80 automatic steam function work?

The Philips PSG8130/80 iron is equipped with an automatic steam function. The new motion sensor knows exactly when the iron moves on your clothes and automatically delivers powerful steam. Relax and enjoy effortless ironing as the iron adjusts the amount of steam with its powerful steam.

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