Phones with the best cameras: Apple and Samsung lag behind

According to Dxomark, which scientifically evaluates smartphones, lenses and cameras, the phones with the best cameras are in a row. Here are the details…

First on the list was the Huawei P60 Pro, which was introduced in May. The model, who scored 159 on photography, 158 on zoom and 147 on video, took the top spot with an average of 156 points.
The second ranked model was Oppo Find X6 Pro. The device scored 153 points for photography, 154 points for zoom and 148 points for video. Oppo’s average score was determined to be 153.
Honor Magic 5 Pro took third place in the list. The device, which collected 154 points in photography, 156 points in zoom and 144 points in video, collected an average of 152 points.
Oppo Find X6 ranks fourth on the list, scoring 152 in photography, 148 in zoom and 143 in video. The average score of the device was determined as 150.
Huawei has managed to get two devices in the top 5 of the lists. At the top with the P60 pro, Huawei entered the list in fifth place with the Mate 50 Pro. The device, which scored 152 on photography, 148 on zoom and 141 on video, collected an average of 149 points.
The Google Pixel 7 Pro was sixth on the list, collecting 148 points in photography, 143 points in video, and 143 points in zoom. The smartphone also scored an average of 147.
Honor Magic 4 Ultimate took 7th place with 150 points in photography, 151 points in zoom and 137 points in video. The device scored an average of 147 points.
The iPhone 154 Pro Max, which surprised everyone to see, but which Dxomark evaluated in eighth place, took eighth place in the list with 143 points in photography, 139 points in zoom and 149 points in video. The device scored an average of 146 points.
The iPhone 4 Pro, which ranks ninth on the list, collected 143 points in photography, 139 points in zoom and 149 points in video. The average camera score of the device was described as 146.
Huawei P50 Pro is 190 of the list, with 143 points in photography, 149 points in zoom and 139 points in video. managed to participate. For example, Huawei has three devices in the top 10.
Huawei P60 Pro – 156 Oppo Find X6 Pro – 153 Honor Magic5 Pro – 152 Oppo Find X6 – 150 Huawei Mate 50 Pro – 149 Google Pixel 7 Pro – 147 Honor Magic4 Ultimate – 147 Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max – 146 Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 146 Huawei P50 Pro – 143 Apple iPhone 13 Pro – 141 Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max – 141 Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra – 141 Google Pixel 7 – 140 Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – 140 Vivo X90 Pro+ – 140 Huawei Mate 40 Pro+ – 139 Vivo X80 Pro (Snapdragon) – 137 Vivo X90 Pro – 136 Xiaomi 13 Pro – 136

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