“Physiotherapists will play an important role in the rehabilitation period”

The strong earthquakes that occurred in Turkey and were effective in 11 provinces caused more than 40 thousand deaths and more than 21 thousand injuries. Specialized physiotherapist Ümran Kömür stated that earthquakes have long-term effects on people living in devastated areas, saying: “It is very important for different departments to act together and provide patient-oriented rehabilitation services to address the medical and psychological problems of the earthquake victim. Earthquake survivors will need multidisciplinary support in the coming days. In this context; Many experts, especially physiotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists and social workers, will play an important role in the rehabilitation period.

“Effective breathing can be provided”

Lecturer argues that physical trauma that can occur to people trapped under the rubble should not be considered just injuries to limbs. To see. Specialist physiotherapist Ümran Kömür said: “Dust formed as a result of destruction causes some toxic substances, especially asbestos, to be absorbed into the body through respiration. Our citizens lying under the rubble are extending the exposure time to this situation. Respiratory physiotherapy, which can be applied to earthquake survivors in life-threatening situations, plays an important role in ensuring airway drainage. In this way, mucus and foreign matter in the lungs and related respiratory elements are cleaned and people can breathe effectively.

“The rehabilitation process can vary depending on the type of injury”

Crush, fracture, tear, etc. that can occur during an earthquake. Ümran Kömür argues that physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications should be started immediately after the mortal danger has been overcome in people exposed to physical trauma; “Physiotherapy and rehabilitation support are very important to ensure the person’s physical independence, which is one of the most important factors in returning to daily life. The rehabilitation process may vary depending on the type and extent of the injury and the physiological characteristics of the patient. It is known that the length of hospital stay will be reduced and the use of medicines will decrease in earthquake victims who can receive physiotherapy and rehabilitation. It is important to achieve physiotherapeutic support for earthquake victims who are advised to use a prosthesis or orthosis. In order to learn the correct use of the prescribed devices, to adapt these devices to everyday life and to avoid the problems that may arise from using the device, it is necessary to provide earthquake victims with the opportunity access physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications .

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