Places that add color to your sex life and have crazy sex

In long-term relationships, you feel more comfortable as time goes by. Now intercourse develops spontaneously and becomes a planned situation. If you want to add some action and fun to your life, you should consider the best places to have sex that we can recommend.

Here are the most unusual places to have intercourse…

The best places to have sex at home

For those who do not want to leave the house for the time being, but do want to leave the bedroom, we have looked at the places where you can have sexual intercourse in the house. We don’t think you’ll use the bedroom much if you enjoy having sex in these places.

1. Kitchen table

The kitchen table is a great place to get warm and slow. There are many different positions you can try.

2. Shower

best places to have sex

The shower is the perfect place for sex. Ideal for both romantic and sensual intercourse. Wet and slippery will help you a lot.

3. Bench

best places to have sex

Having sex on the couch where you always fall asleep is quite fun. It won’t even surprise you, because it’s as comfortable as your bed. You can even double your fun by putting pornographic stuff on the TV.

4. Top of the washing machine

best places to have sex

The vibrations of the washing machine will excite you immensely. We think you should definitely try it.

The best places to have outdoor sex

Don’t forget that a whole new world is opening up for you, because there are great places to have sex outside.

1. Car hood

best places to have sex

You can have sex on the hood of your car just like you see in movies. Having sex in an unaccompanied area is hard to describe. Everyone should try it.

2. A sandy beach

best places to have sex

A sandy beach can be super romantic. Having sex in this romantic setting and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore will be an unforgettable experience.

3. Haystack

best places to have sex

You may have heard or seen someone having sex in a haystack. We are sure that sexual intercourse in such places, especially on farms, has a different taste. Don’t you want to try it too?

The best places to have sex with a high risk of getting caught

It wouldn’t be bad to add a little adrenaline to your love, right? If you want to add fear and excitement during lovemaking, you should give these spots a try. These are the places with a high risk of getting caught.

1. Workplace

best places to have sex

Watch out, you can get fired. Make sure you know this very risky place well. It should be done outside of working hours and away from the cameras.

2. Dressing room

best places to have sex

It’s not a hard place, but it will still be fun. It is very important that you do not forget to lock the door.

3. Best friend’s house

best places to have sex

Sneaking around at a dinner party or house party can be a lot of fun. But make sure you find a secluded spot.

4. Auto

best places to have sex

Although it has since become a classic, having sex in the car is quite fun. It is especially common in Hollywood movies. You can also try it.

5. Airplane

best places to have sex

Having sex on the plane will be an experience you will never forget. It can be the choice of those who seek excitement and difference. We don’t know how to cope with that pressure.

How often can you have sexual intercourse?

The frequency of sexual intercourse varies from person to person. However, the studies say that people under 30 should live together twice a week, and people over 30 should live together once a week.

How long should intercourse last?

According to studies, the average duration of sexual intercourse in Turkey is 3.7 minutes. The couples described it as “enough” when it lasted 3-7 minutes, as “desirable” when it lasted 7-13 minutes, and as “long” when it lasted 10-30 minutes.

Is it possible to have sex in the water?

There’s no reason why you can’t have intercourse in the water. Although it can be a bit difficult, you can live together in these areas without any problems.

Why do women go to the toilet after sexual intercourse?

Bacteria in the vagina can move into the urethra during intercourse. When you urinate, you can expel these bacteria. For this reason, it is important for our health to urinate after sexual intercourse.

Why does pleasure disappear after ejaculation?

After ejaculation, men have to wait a while before having sexual intercourse again. Because after ejaculation, the hormone oxytocin is secreted in large quantities. This secretion also accelerates pleasure.

What should be done before intercourse?

There are a few things you should do before having intercourse. These are maintaining long eye contact, approaching with positive energy, telling each other your fantasies, not cutting foreplay short, and focusing on sensitive points.

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