‘Pollen’ warning from the expert: Reducing exposure is very, very important

As people’s contact with nature increased after the cold weather conditions and the increase in air temperatures, the spreading of pollen in the air caused various symptoms among citizens. Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital Department of Internal Medicine Administrative Assistant Assoc. Dr. Müge Bilge, on the other hand, warned citizens who complained of runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, coughing, shortness of breath and itching.

“A condition that causes a wide variety of clinical pictures in individuals with histories such as asthma and allergies”

According to Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital Department of Internal Medicine Administrative Assistant Assoc. Dr Müge Bilge said: “It is a picture that manifests itself with some complaints caused by the blooming of flowers, the warming of the weather, especially the pollen released into the open air, and the fact that more than one allergen affects people, especially individuals with a predisposition and an overreaction of the immune system Pollen is mainly located in the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract When the individuals reach the first complaints occur, especially in the nose, mouth and eyes, which are the first welcome areas are “Our eyes may water, we may sneeze, itching in our throat, palate, ears, swelling under our eyes, coughing violently. It is a condition that causes various syndromes. It is also known as hay fever among people. It is necessary not to leave our windows open in windy weather when the pollen is very dense, not to exercise, not to walk in open spaces and to be more insulated. People with chronic lung problems such as asthma and prone to allergies. Especially need to be protected. . In this seasonal transition, we need to avoid even drying our laundry outside during the pollen fly season and move to a slightly more indoor environment, indoors,” he said.

“Reducing exposure is very, very important”

Speaking about the complaints of the patients who have recently registered with them, Assoc. Dr. Bilge went on to say: “Typically, patients present to the outpatient clinic with symptoms of allergic rhinitis, watery eyes, what we call conjunctivitis, runny nose, sneezing and this reduces their quality of life, and they talk about sneezing in to attack. Often applications are in this direction and only in season. If complaints and complaints cannot be controlled with these advices, we recommend that you consult a doctor and get the necessary treatment. Our first-line approach to the point of treatment; We get very good answers in the form of prevention recommendations, simple anti-allergic drugs and some sprays that are applied in the nose. We provide symptomatic relief to the person. Reducing exposure is very important. With the daily increase in air pollution and the combination of other similar factors, the more contact with chemicals and cosmetics, the more trigger allergies in individuals. The number of patients with allergies is increasing exponentially every day.”

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